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Mick Jagger's Annus Horribilis & the Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse Cycle

By Stella Woods, 21-11-2014

2014 was a tough year for British rock star and Rolling Stones frontman, Sir Mick Jagger. First the Stones were forced to cancel their tour of Australia and New Zealand in March when Jagger’s partner, L’Wren Scott, committed suicide by dramatically hanging herself with a black satin scarf as the tour was about to begin. Though barely able to speak and diagnosed with acute traumatic stress disorder, Jagger managed to pull himself together and the Stones rescheduled their tour for October/November 2014. But disaster struck once again. This time it was Jagger’s sudden throat infection that forced cancellation of the Stones’s Hanging Rock gig on the eve of the concert leaving 21,000 disappointed fans, many of whom found themselves out of pocket for a second time after forking out hundreds of dollars for airline tickets, accommodation, transport etc. Some angry fans suggested Jagger needed to stop partying, take some medication and toughen up. Others, upon hearing there would be no rescheduled concert date, suggested that he cared only about money, not about the fans.

Astrologers are always looking for patterns and when I heard about Jagger’s throat infection and remembered the black scarf around the throat, I immediately headed for the ephemeris (book of planetary placements) to find out what was going on in his birth chart. The obvious explanation was that Mick Jagger is now 71 and his throat therefore unable to cope with the demands of a large international tour. However, I already knew that in Jagger’s birth chart, both the natal Moon and Mars were in the 12th house in Taurus (the zodiac sign that rules the throat) and I wanted to see if anything was hitting his Moon or Mars that might explain these unfortunate events. After all, Jagger’s vocal chords were the key to his massive fortune. This is what I found.

The Stones Hanging Rock gig was cancelled on 7th November, just minutes before the Taurus full moon, with the transiting Moon at 14 degrees Taurus, right on top of Jagger’s Mars. Mars is the planet of libido, anger, action, warfare, assertiveness and all things male. Moon and Mars in the 12th house indicate that underneath all the Leo show, Mick is a very private person, adept at hiding his anger, disguising his feelings or even being unaware of how he is really feeling.

This full moon (which was part of the October Scorpio-Taurus eclipse cycle) would have brought any hidden anger to the surface, hence the sore throat. But what could he possibly be angry about?

I checked the Scorpio new moon solar eclipse chart in late October, when the Australian tour began and found the eclipse was in Jagger’s house of sickness – this was no overnight illness, it had been building for some time. I then decided to go back to March and L’Wren Scott’s birth chart for more clues. As I searched the internet for her birth data, I found out 1) That Scott herself was a Taurus and her death occurred when Taurus was rising 2) That she had left her entire $9 million estate to Jagger and written her own family out of the will; but more importantly 3) That news had just broken that the Stones insurers were refusing to pay $12.7 million compensation for the cancelled Stones tour back in March as the policy did not cover death by suicide. No wonder Mick was mad.

The insurers also claimed that L’Wren Scott was suffering from a mental illness, which had not been disclosed on the policy, and her death could not therefore have been ‘sudden and unforeseen’. Alongside the tabloid headlines were legal documents containing information that normally would have remained private and confidential - how much the Stones would earn from their tour, how much the payouts would be if a family member died, who exactly would benefit, plus personal details and birth dates of all family members. On the list for Jagger were ex-wives including Jerry Hall and Bianca Jagger, former girlfriends, seven children, four grandchildren and L’Wren Scott. Meanwhile there were reports that Scott’s family were furious they received nothing in her will and angry that they had been dragged into the $13 million insurance battle, claiming Mick was heartless and just after the money.

Look at the themes in this story – they are all Taurus-Scorpio themes and the stuff of Hollywood movies. A death by hanging; a wealthy singer; a sore throat that led to million dollar losses; inheritance disputes and insurance payouts; legal battles over contracts; money, greed, sex, secrets exposed and anger – lots of anger. Hanging Rock is an extinct volcano and this was the “14-On-Fire Tour. Just not the kind of fire the Stones imagined!