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This section contains a selection of emails, letters and testimonials from Stella's clients, students, readers, radio listeners, newsletter subscribers and lecture & workshop participants.


To whom it may concern

Stella Woods is a rare combination: she is skilled and experienced in her chosen areas of expertise of astrology and tarot and she is a compassionate, pragmatic and insightful practitioner.

Her teaching courses, workshops and sessions are stimulating, well presented and challenging. She is someone to work with when you are ready to change.

In my individual sessions Stella explained the complexities of my birth chart so that I could easily understand where I had come from and how and why things have been as they have – I kept being surprised not that she was accurate but that she could show and understand where the information was in my chart!

Most importantly Stella engages with you respectfully and caringly as one fellow human to another and opens a new world of possibilities about how your life can be. Thank you Stella!

Ann Wright


Dear Stella,

I want to thank you for the powerful reading you did for me yesterday, it was exactly what I needed. Stella, you are a very gifted clairvoyant astrologer and an inspirational business woman. 

I will follow your advice for the years ahead. In addition, as you suggested, I will recreate my website blurbs and what not. It will be a stronger, clearer statement of who I am and what I do with testimonials to match. As you confirmed, I truly needed the past 12 years, to grow strong and learn how to work with myself, to understand my limitations and explore my abilities. The creation of my own website a baby step into the world, but as you so rightly said, this year I’ve felt the strength in me overcoming my boring wounds.  The desire to be able to declare who I am and what I do in all sorts of ways is burning brightly.  Your reading was so very useful, helping me to see myself with clarity. 

I will value your assistance in the months and years ahead Stella.  The words 'thank you' seem too small to express my gratitude, so just know, these two small words are full to overflowing with my appreciation for your support and friendship. 

Love Fi xxxx

Hi Stella,

My name's Lisa, I had an appointment with you on Tuesday this week and you explained my natal chart to me in detail.
I just thought you might like to know what an impact that reading has had on my life. In the reading you talked about me denying my Cancerian Moon (the emotional, nurturing, homely, maternal side) in favour of my rising sign Capricorn (the logical, hardworking executive) and we further talked about how this was playing out in my life. I have taken this on board and it explains so much of why I have been feeling anxious and troubled for a long time. 
In light of this discovery, I've made some immediate changes and today I allowed myself to spend the WHOLE day gardening.. I loved it!! It was so liberating to know that it was OK to spend the whole day beautifying my home and pottering with plants, and that I needn't feel guilty about it. Back to work tomorrow, but this was very therapeutic.
I have also organised to have a big night out on Saturday night with my friends… to begin allowing myself to be fiery, joyful and fun! Feeling better generally has also opened up my creativity further, and my ideas for ways to bring money in are refining themselves and becoming more tangible.
There's really a whole lot more, but I won't rattle on...suffice to say that I am very pleased with the results, and am feeling much more comfortable with myself. I'm sure that feeling will continue to grow as I practise more self love and give myself permission to be me.
All the best and thanks again, it was nice meeting you.




To whom it may concern

It has been evident to me through the experience of having a private reading with Stella and via listening to her on the radio, that she is exceptionally skilled and dedicated in assisting people to have a greater understanding of their own processes, and therefore be better capable of moving their own lives in the directions that provide them with greater fulfilment and joy.

I find her manner to be wise, respectful and practical as she listens with deep clear receptivity, providing equally clear, perceptive and knowledgeable responses. She is a true gem! I commend her to anyone who is willing to receive!



Dear Stella,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how incredible the tarot card reading experience was for me. It was hands down the best $120 I've ever spent!

But in all seriousness, you unlocked something within me that I had no idea could be unlocked. I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I see my place in the world and the others around me in a completely new light. It's been an emotional ride but it's been the start of something so deeply important for me, I honestly beleive I wouldn't have been able to get there without your guidance. Well, perhaps I would have, but it could have been years down the track where the damage would have been worse and the unlocking could have been brutal! Thanks for your kind support.

The work you do is so important, keep on being your wonderful free-spirited self!




Dear Stella
Thank you for your insights and regular emails of what is going on in the universe!  I always enjoy reading your information, it is so accurate and well explained, you really do a wonderful job.
I have just ordered 2 charts, and would like to also thank you for the special offer. This year has been madness, maintaining equilibrium in life a challenge, despite the many changes we have been willingly adjusting to and instigated also, it all just feels like we're catching up!
I love listening to your challenges to my ego/thinking  - it’s almost like an email mentorship for the journey, so thank you.
I hope you get a rest in somewhere Stella.
Merry Christmas
Nic X



Dear Stella

I am still taking in all the amazing, inspiring information from my Astrology Reading last week.

I am receiving 'messages' almost daily from the Universe on releasing old worn out behavioural patterns and checking my 'Intention" in life situations... I feel so inspired about manifesting my soul’s purpose after many years of work toward this goal... the reading you gave me has helped me enormously.

 'Thankyou' again Stella and bless you for your guidance and compassion

Love from Patricya



Hi Stella,

In my last reading with you you mentioned that my art was pretty much just going to take care of itself.  Well I got the ball started by contacting a blog I liked ' upon a fold ' and suggesting she might like what I do. She got back to me requesting images and I supplied them, she then did a feature of my work on her blog and since then the whole thing has gone crazy. I first noticed something was different by the number of hits to my site, and then I realised that bloggers were re blogging the images and link to my site. Bloggers all over the world are re blogging and my work is even being pinned by people on Pinterest. 

It has been incredible!



Dear Stella,

I want to thank you for the wonderful work you have done for my family in creating astrology charts for my daughters and myself.
As you know I am a parent who puts 100% into my children’s well-being. Your clear and balanced readings have helped me to realize that as a mother I can balance responsibility for my children’s welfare with the knowledge that they themselves are also responsible for the choices, behaviors and pathway of their lives. To be honest I feel relieved, the burden of not being good enough, with the associated feelings of guilt, self blame, and confusion have eased away with your astrology readings. The loving light you have shed over our relationships has soothed my family and created a foundation of knowledge that has empowered us to truthfully observe each other and build relationships of understanding, compassion, warmth and love.
Thank you so much Stella you’re a ‘master’ astrologer. I only hope that all parents will take the opportunity to have an astrology reading with you and benefit from your wisdom, love and uplifting perspective.
Thank you again.
Love Fiona



Hi Stella,

I'd just like to say a quick thanks for helping to guide me in the right direction and give me the boost I needed! I saw you a few months ago and am now leaving to go backpacking around Europe on May 25th! 
I just read the May report and could relate to it very well. While I missed your teleseminar last night the others were very interesting.
I like getting feedback on things that I do so I thought I'd do the same and give you a very big THANKYOU!!
Cheers from Marty



Hi Stella,

Just letting you know that I went to see Suzie on your recommendation. It was a very interesting thought provoking experience especially when I have to do the work on my visualisations instead of being in the fantasy state of a MIRACLE cure. She said some very powerful things that actually echoed some things that you had said about me. It all makes sense. Healing is a big step to experiencing joy for joy’s sake, no other reason.
Got to do the work hey!
And your astrology consultation was very clear for me about what I need to do etc: So 'thank you' Stella.

Love from Carolina



Hi Stella,

Thank you for your thoughtful consultation today.  It was illuminating and has given me a sense of direction with tools to help.

Best wishes




You're fabulous.  Thank you so much for your help and support helping me relocate to New Zealand.

May God richly bless you. I will keep in touch.




Hey Stella,

Thanks must go to you Stella, for your insight, your healing powers and your infectious attitude to this glorious life. Do not underestimate the part you played sweet friend.

For me, being in control and making all my own decisions is integral (or so I thought) to function in this world. You have shown me that I am able to believe and trust in others - and that does not show weakness but rather a willingness to learn and grow.

You'll be pleased to know (no surprise she says...) that I have had 2 high distinctions in the first two subjects, intro to massage and aromatherapy..

Look forward to extending the healing to you one day ..

Love you, Rose x



Hi there Stella

I just referred Jordina and Venetia to you.  Also gave Michael his gift voucher.  I hope they book in.

Of all the months of this year where your reading said: look after your health it was Feb.  Guess what happened in February?  I put my pelvis out.  Was out of action for 2 weeks, but its stopped me in  my tracks, been a bit of a wakeup call I have to say, and your reading has suddenly all made sense. You are a genius!

Lots of love Hailsx



Dear Stella,

Thank you so very much for your kind and generous offer of a Personal Birth Chart. It made for some very interesting reading – some uncanny accuracy at times.

All the best



Dear Stella,

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  
I found the depth, interpretation and accuracy of your reading phenomenal.  Your ability to encapsulate all aspects of my chart into the major areas of life has given me the most comprehensive, personal, and practical overview I've experienced to date.  Synchronistically, it is the clear and grounded approach from you which will most assist me right now.
I look forward to learning more through the many avenues you offer.
In gratitude and honour,


Hi Stella,

I came with my partner last year and had a birth chart reading with you, which by the way was amazing, and would now like to organise to have a year forecast reading.

Thanks and regards,




When I visited Stella in order to have an astrological forecast for the year ahead in early 2007, I never believed that my life would change as sharply or as dramatically as it did 6 months in. I visited Stella and listened intently as she explained that this year would prove tumultuous, especially as far as my personal relationships were concerned. She also told me that if ever I felt like I needed the courage and inner strength to make changes in my life that this would be the year to do so and that issues which had remained unresolved for a long time, would rear up and demand attention.
Eight months into the year and what seemed to me at the time as interesting yet not really all that relevant observations to my daily life, have turned out to be quite pivotal insights into the direction my life veered towards at break neck speed. In a matter of weeks I have witnessed quite dramatic changes in my life, my home, my job, my partner... all of them altered by my own bidding and for the better. I never thought that I would have the capability to make so many profound changes, which ultimately benefited me, but according to Stella, I was always astrologically made up to be this person and I am just now beginning to realise the true nature of my character. It has surprised everyone I know but most of all it has quite pleasantly surprised me and I am happier than I have been for quite some time. I wonder what next year's forecast will hold?

Best Regards,



Hi Stella,

This is Justin... The Leo who was having trouble with his brother in the family business...

I just wanted to express how much of a help your reading and advice has been for me.

I was at somewhat of a loss with a few things and probably didn't even realise the extent of this and your reading helped me to put some things back on track and other things just ON TRACK....

After sitting on your information for a few weeks the right solution came to me regarding my brother and the meeting with him went extremely well. My sister and I were on fire and all 3 of us were happy at the end of it. A diplomatic outcome was agreed and it is a win for all of us.

Many seeds are being planted now and I look forward to booking another reading with you towards the end of the year.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou... You are wonderful and I hope all of your clients are as satisfied as I am...




Hi Stella,

Just wanted to say a quick but heartfelt thank you for sharing your beautiful gift and for what it has bought to me.

The session today was one of validation. The clarity and confidence I spoke of before seeing you had a lot to do with finding some of the truths behind the understanding I had of myself. Some clarity to my thoughts and to trust and believe in what I instinctively knew.

It is interesting how we stray and loose our way. Get worn down or buy into something that is at odds with our true self.

It kind of sounds a bit selfish, but there is some self work to do. Going to get that energy moving in the right direction. Then it will be good for everyone.

I will check in with you again sometime.

Kind Regards,



Hi Stella,

I wanted to let you know how wonderful the reading I had with you was, thank you so much. It has helped me to put many things into perspective. Career wise I’m focusing with more clarity on the things that are complimentary to my nature; I’ve even begun a business plan! Now just finishing it will be the trick!  Don’t worry I have much determination. On a personal level I’ve certainly learned a great lesson about men, I’m not being so hasty… thinking before I leap! Quite a revelation! Anyway thanks again and I’m sure I’ll be seeing you some time in the future.

Kind Regards,




Hi Stella

Thank you and yes you were really is all just happening!

Not long after I saw you I decided to get in touch with the gallery again and in September they offered me this group show. Then, due to their PR with magazines etc, I was interviewed by Art World magazine for their New Work section. I am just waiting for the Nov/Dec issue to appear on the stands! What can I say?  You are great at what you do! I have also convinced a few others that you are worth seeing, you may soon meet my friend Meka.

Many thanks,



Hello Stella

My name is Annika and I came in to see you about 18 months ago to have my chart done and read your wonderful Living Now column every month. You helped me clarify my vision for creating a film and now I would like to return the favour by inviting you to its very private screening on the 10th of December at ACMI Cinema one. is its official website and I think you might enjoy it!!

If you are available and would like to come along please let me know and I will send you an official  invitation with a complimentary ticket.

Loads of great wishes

Annika Glac



Dear Stella,

I would like to thank you for this morning. I had a big sob in the car on the way home (a good sob that I have needed to have to some time and for some reason couldn't)
Something you said this morning, which at the time I thought was a little off track...regarding my sister. We were talking of her Leo qualities 'fun loving, full of joy..etc...' and you mentioned that she may have been my joy part of life. At the time my instinctive response would have been that everyone is responsible for their own joy....but you were sooo right. She entered a room and it lit up…..she was my bridesmaid and then later that year she died. She did not get to meet my children (who weren't even born) so I have this hollow that my children will never know their aunt who was a big part of my life. 
Today, after our session, I feel I have reconnected with my sister again, and I really want to thank you for that. I am going to put on a song and see if I can connect with the joy of life again...not just for today. Interestingly my middle name is Joy. (maybe it should have been olde Kill Joy!)  Thank you so much. I will be listening to you this again this week on RRR. Your show and the whole Triple R family give me a lot of pleasure.

All the Best Viv



Hi Stella,

How are you? Thanks for the brilliant tarot reading you gave my friends yesterday. They found it very insightful. Glad to see you are doing very well. Have a great Christmas and a happy 2009.

Take Care



Hi there Stella

I was reflecting on your reading for me just today actually, and that I am now living in Tasmania as you quite strongly suggested. That piece of advice felt so logical, I knew it was the right thing to do. I feel like I am home and where I belong, which is great. My mum passed away a month ago now (6 weeks after I got here ... she waited for me), so that has been a rollercoaster ride, and being home and feeling almost settled is very helpful.

I hope you get to read the Anastasia books one day...

Best wishes, 



Hi Stella,

Just thought I would touch base with you after my Tarot reading with you last Thursday. I have listened to the CD and it is good to go over all that we covered in the session.

You certainly gave me lots to think about and I am enjoying putting some of these into place such as invoking and asking for help from various guides and listening to and noting negative comments and mirroring them back.

Thank you for your wise words and understanding very clearly what needed to be done.

This was not just a tarot reading but a valuable guide to help me along in my life to unblock what is there.

Take care, 


Dear Stella,

Thank you so much for your fantastic contribution to our Girls Night In  to raise money for Women’s Cancer on October 17th. Many girls are still talking about their tarot card readings. Please find attached a certificate of thanks from our group.

Kindest regards, 



Dear Stella,
Thank you so much for a brilliant reading today, you truly are an amazing and remarkable lady.
Doris and I really appreciate that you shared your gift with us by providing such amazing advice and an incredible reading.
Wishing you all the very best for 2009 and always.
Kindest regards


Book a reading with Stella today on (03) 9534 5021 or email 
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Dear Stella,

I am wondering how much a session would cost, and the types of services that are available. This is for a birthday present for my wife. Your description of Virgos on RRR is spot on!! And the comment about going haywire due to the lunar eclipse today (or is it tomorrow) has blown me away. That is exactly what has happened. 



Hi Stella,
I heard you on the radio this morning. Not my normal station (I'm a boring ABC news man myself), and I was very impressed.
Cheers, Nick - Chief Financial Officer



Hi Stella,

I spoke to you on 3RRR this morning, and just wanted to thank you so much for your input. I'm the person who was asking you about my placement for my course this year, and whether I should head down the road of working with children or adults. I mentioned that through coincidence I found this course, and you made the comment that I made it happen. Yes, you are right because in the search I found it and made it happen after many years of dissatisfaction and struggle (including CFS), but I actually didn't use the right word to describe it. I made a conscious decision to start following my gut feeling which lead me in the right direction...and you made mention that I should use my gut feeling because of something in my horoscope (can't remember what it was)! I've always had strong gut feelings, as far back as I can remember, and that's what helped me this year. You wouldn't have realised how important our discussion was today to me, and I just wanted to thank you.

Kind Regards,




Hi Stella,

Thankyou for my interesting and informative reading. I think you are great and your wisdom and honest comments serves me and many others well. I meant to contact you before now in regards to the course offer you gave me. I unfortunately don’t have the money now but I intend to keep studying it in the next year or so and would love to do this course. Look forward to listening to you on 3RRR

Vanessa x



Dear Stella,

I have listened to you on RRR for ages whenever I could and you have spoken to me once on the phone whilst on the air with the gorgeous Kealy whom I still miss - and Stella Starwoman you are an inspiration and I think you’re lovely.  And soooo professsionaaale. 

Thanks for all your gifts and hard work




 Hi Stella

Thankyou so much for sending my AstroChart, I found your website by mistake while I was looking for information about lunar phases.  I was pleased to find it as I've always enjoyed listening to you on RRR whenever I've been home on a Wednesday morning.  I look forward to checking out your newsletter every month.

Keep up the good work.

Mary Rust



Dear RRR,
Is it true that Stella Starwoman is no longer going to be presenting on RRR? I hope not. She is an uplifting, motivational woman who brings astrology into our lives in a practical way. I look forward to her fortnightly talkback. Please don’t let her go…….you will make a lot of RRR listeners sad!!
In anticipation,

Stella’s talkback program on 3RRR 102.7 FM finished up in June 2010 after a seven year stint.  




Hi Stella

A belated thank you for such a humorous and informative presentation at LivingNow Live recently on Planning Your Life By The Moon. I know the audience loved you, and I hope you got some value from it - even a new client or two ;-)

By the way, I was at the Sydney MBS this last weekend and a reader who is also an astrologer and in charge of meetings of an astrology group said she'd love to invite you to fly to Sydney to speak to their group. I told her you were a bit of a gad-about and you'd probably find some excuse to come to Sydney at some stage and she should contact you anyway ;-)

Warm wishes
Elizabeth Stephens, Editor, Living Now Magazine




Hi dear Stella,

I wanted to thank you for the workshop last Sunday. I enjoyed all of it, you, your teaching, the cards and the participants.

Thank you very, very much.

Lots of love Fi


Hi Stella

I just want to thank you for a most enjoyable afternoon on the 18th October with your lecture on Sun Sign columns. We got a lot out of the information you gave. I travelled down to Melbourne from Shepparton with two other ladies for the day, and I have to say it was a fantastic, memorable day for me.

You've opened my eyes about astrologers’ entertainment value, I've not really seen myself in that light before. But it does fit perfectly with a Leo sun sign. I've come home and applied what you said and I'm having fun with writing my own sun signs for my website. What I have learned is a valuable tool I will be applying from now on.

Warm regards,




Good morning Stella,

I attended the sun sign astrology workshop yesterday at the Association. You are amazing!!!  Thank you so much for your insightful advice. You are such an entertaining speaker, which is a gift.

I don't get a chance to go to many astrology seminars but I am whipped that I went on Saturday. When I saw you were speaking, I thought, come hell or high water, I'm going on Saturday. I was drawn to seeing you speak and intrigued on the topic. You have been the inspiration I have been searching for with taking my astrology to the next level.

Thank you.

Cheers Juls xx


Dear Stella

I thank you again for your wise words and important tips at the workshop for Sun Sign Columns. I would like to update the testimonial that I made for you with these words:

"Having attended one of Stella Woods's brilliant workshops to share her generous insight into professional astrology and from my beginning as a student of astrology to the present as a professional astrologer, she has made a valuable contribution not only to me, but also to the people that the wisdom of the teaching benefits."

Swarupa Sridharan, Om Consulting





Although currently stationed in NZ, I subscribe to Living Now & read with great interest your Stargazer column each month. You could say I am a fan of your in-depth analyses, and appreciate just how far removed your monthly assessments are from those terrible women’s magazines blurbs! You truly are in a totally different class. I tell everyone who is remotely interested in astrology how good your column is.
With thanks,
Nadia Lewis, Langs Beach, Northland, NZ



 Dear Stella 

Your 'Stargazer' in the 'Living Now' magazine is always amazing! Actually after reading December 2004 (I think) I was amazed at how you had predicted the Neptune (water) effect, which translated into the 'tsunami'. 

With Love & Light,




Dear Stella,
I enjoyed your article in Living Now, which a friend had sent over to a friend one-off. I am a Leo and saw that the next article you were going to place was the one about Saturn and the Baby Boomers. I was really interested, is there any possibility you could send it to me? I would really appreciate it but I realise it is a lot to ask.


Kameelah, Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand




Hi Stella,

I am an appreciator of your Astrology column in the Living Now magazine. I would like to send out a hearty "thank you!" for the wonderful info you provide. I've just returned from living in my native America and have been going through some old scraps of paper and newspaper/magazine cut-outs I saved when last living in Australia. As I was re-reading your astrology columns from a few years back I realized that your writings were what prompted my initial interest in Astrology. I have read heaps of Astrology bits from various holistic journals, mags, etc. over the past few years and yours have been by far my favourite. Your writing is so very clear, understandable and educational...and for whatever reason I seem to remember the info you provide on dates of transits, etc. and mythology really well. Can't thank you enough and keep up the Great Work!

All the best,

Brad Jacobson



Dear Stella,

Just a note to let you know how much I look forward to reading your pages every month when the " Living Now Magazine" comes out, especially the moon chart which I have been using for the past few years to calculate the best time of the month to wax my legs. I think it would be great if you could write an article in the magazine to let everyone know what I know now.......It took me a little time to get used to the formula and I do depend on the chart in order to find the air/fire position of the planets after the full moon, but now I won’t even make an appointment until I see the magazine....... I have since convinced the girl who does my waxing of the validity of waiting for the right moon cycle......she can see for herself how the hair growth has subsided, she now waits for my appointments to also wax for herself and her daughter.....So again  "Thank you"  and please consider spreading this good advice through the magazine................

Your friend



Hi Stella

Just a quick e-mail to say what an insightful and well put Astrology Article you had in the latest "Living Now" magazine! I found your descriptions on Pisceans most fascinating as my partner is one, and your deeper insights (including the hype with the Avatar film) were utterly fascinating! Tomorrow I'm off to Tassie with work but can't wait until your June article to read about how my year (Cancerian) will turn out, as it already looks like it's going to be a year to remember. Anyway, have a great long weekend.



Hi Stella,

I'm writing to say how much I like your astrology feature in Living Now.
It's probably the main reason I get the magazine. What you had to say about Mars before Christmas certainly rang true for me - I was one of those who was severely affected by the retrograde motion, having a birthday in early October. Thank goodness that's over!




Hi Stella

I want to wish you all the best for Christmas and 2010. I am a Living Now fan and I really enjoy your insight and work you put into the stargazing articles both in your newsletter and via Living Now.

Thank you for your good work




Greetings from the Sunshine Coast, Qld.
I've just finished reading your STARGAZER column ( as I always do ) in the latest edition of the 'Living Now' magazine & your Top Ten Tips For Happiness in 2013 really resonated with me.  I LOVE THEM........practical, sound, healthy attitudes & behaviours to adopt. I'm going to "start with myself" & then pass them on to as many people as possible!   Thank you Stella!
Warm Wishes
Lovely Libran Gillian        : - )      : - 



Hi Stella,

Happy New Year! Just wanted to thank you for my & my mums $50 vouchers. After receiving your invite I decided to get my mum one and then oh what the heck me too. Then forgot about it, and received this thrilled text from my mum - So thank you!

Also I just wanted to say I enjoy your astrology updates but this January one really gave me a laugh. Especially your 10 tips to happiness this year - Great, #1 Made me laugh so hard. And as a Capricorn with some very 'interesting' skin problems i found your update quite accurate. So I just wanted to show my appreciation in your monthly AstroUpdates - THANKS Oh actually also you told a story a few months ago of a little child you met at a gallery, that really moved me, i was all teary by the time i finished reading it. Was really sweet & lovely, Thanks x

Kind Regards



Read Stella’s monthly ‘Stargazer’ column 
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 “What joy and delight to come across a teacher like Stella.”

'What joy and delight to come across a teacher like Stella. If only academia and the business world applied her style and format of training the world would be a better place. With her wealth of knowledge and insights Astrology has now become a valuable part of my everyday life. Thank you Stella'

(Monica Auldrige – Astrology Student 2007) 


“Whether Stella’s class is big or small, nobody gets left behind.”

Stella has a way of teaching Astrology that really sinks in. If anyone in the class does not understand a concept, she takes time to explain it in a different way and makes sure it’s understood by all. Whether Stella’s class is big or small, nobody gets left behind. As budding astrologers, we can then communicate the complexities of this ancient art to others. Stella is a fantastic teacher and I recommend her classes to any serious student of Astrology.

(Jane – Astrology Student 2006-2007)


“Classes are always fun and entertaining..”

The thing I have loved most about Astrology classes with Stella is that as well as gaining a thorough grounding in the ‘language’ and ‘vocabulary’ of Astrology, all kinds of interesting tangents are explored that make the theory come alive. Classes are always fun and entertaining – when I told my friend I wanted to study Astrology, she said, “You should see Stella, she’s not f***ed up!”

(Kylie – Astrology Student 2006)


“You're not only a wonderful teacher, but also an amazing lady…”

We have all thoroughly enjoyed your class. Thanks again for a great year - you're not only a wonderful teacher, but also an amazing lady whom I'm really glad I've met.      

(Susanne – Astrology Student 2006)


“She is a very experienced and empathetic teacher.” 

I have studied Tarot and Astrology with Stella and enjoyed both very much. She is a very experienced and empathetic teacher. I highly recommend her classes.

(Sue – Astrology & Tarot Student 2004-2007)


“Stella’s course helped me understand more about myself”

Stella’s course helped me understand more about myself and the direction I wanted my life to go. It’s been a fun and informative course.

(Maria – Astrology Student 2006-2007)


“A teacher who is patient, knowledgeable and caring, in a casual, relaxed atmosphere”

If you want better understanding and acceptance of yourself and others with a teacher who is patient, knowledgeable and caring, in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, then I highly recommend Stella’s Astrology course. Thank you Stella.

(Lisetta –Astrology Student 2006)


“I am able to relate to a wider range of people in business and socially”

Doing this astrology course has enlightened me and helped my relationships in many ways. By knowing the astrological signs and their meanings, I am able to use this knowledge when dealing with clients and family. I am able to relate to a wider range of people in business and socially due to the better understanding of all the signs.
(Sylvia – Astrology Student 2006-07)


“Stella’s course has helped me understand and deal with clients, family and relationships, both personally and professionally.”

I had prior knowledge of the astrological sun signs before doing the course, but I knew there was much more to learn. Stella’s course has helped me understand and deal with clients, family and relationships, both personally and professionally, and I find it fascinating how uncanny it is that profiles fit each and everyone I come across whose birthday I know. It has helped me not to judge them, to understand them and be more accepting. Stella is a great sharer of information with examples and who has brilliant insights into why people behave the way they do. A very fascinating and helpful tool. Highly recommended.

(Margaret – Astrology Student 2006)


 “I had never before been shown how to systematically put these ideas together enough to actually read a birth chart properly.”

Stella’s class in Practical Chart Reading and Predictive Techniques provided a safe and fun environment in which to advance my astrological knowledge. Though I had a basic grasp of astrological concepts with their origins spanning back to my early teen years, I had never before been shown how to systematically put these ideas together enough to actually read a birth chart properly. Stella provided a solid practical approach to putting the concepts together, and in doing so breathed life for me into a previously stagnant interest. Stella shares the teachings of astrology with generosity of spirit, good humour and patience. She is a great teacher. I'm really sad that the class is over and I look forward to future opportunities to learn more with her.

Z. Woods (no relation!)  Astrology Student 2007



“Thanks also for preparing me for the calculation exam, where you presented me with everything I needed to know in a logical and thorough way. You almost made maths fun!”

Dear Stella,

Thanks so much for preparing me so thoroughly for the natal interpretation exam with the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA). The lessons I had with you enabled me to arrange my thoughts coherently and logically and present them in an essay form that was acceptable for exam purposes.

Thanks also for preparing me for the calculation exam, where you presented me with everything I needed to know in a logical and thorough way. You almost made maths fun! I found my lessons with you to be stimulating, rewarding and entertaining.

Warmest regards, 

Alison Feiner



“I consider it a great blessing to have been her student and to have realised the potential she so brilliantly pointed out to me. I have gone on to pioneer an Astrohealth training course for health professionals..”

I am deeply grateful to Stella Woods for the knowledge she has passed on to me. My name is Swarupa Sridharan, and I have had an interest in astrology since I was 12 years of age. I began studying astrology formally with Stella in 2004 and have been practising it in my daily life successfully and as a professional astrologer since 2007.

Stella is a very patient, understanding and wise woman whose words integrate common sense and the deeply philosophical science that is Astrology. As the teacher, she would always leave us feeling an increase in interest on the subjects we had discussed and encourage us to apply what we learned in our lives, so as to give us an experiential understanding of what is considered even today by many, to be an occult science. She loved using celebrity examples in class and always used her generous sense of humour to uplift us all when we were too deep in the analysis of our learning material.

I can unconditionally attest to her winning attributes as a great teacher and astrologer from my life now. I have gone on to pioneer an Astrohealth training course for health professionals, drawing from my background as a registered nurse and my study of astrology. It gives me great pleasure to recall that it was Stella who recognised the potential of my own birth chart. I consider it a great blessing to have been her student and to have realised the potential she so brilliantly pointed out to me.

I am most happy to recommend Stella Woods to anyone who is in anyway interested in Astrology. Her gifts are absolutely marvellous and in sharing them, she does a great service to humanity. I am most happy to discuss this or any other questions you may have.

Swarupa Sridharan, CEO Om Consulting.



“What I got from learning astrology with Stella was a simple, clear framework about what the various planetary symbols mean as well as a sense of confidence about doing readings.”

What I got from learning astrology with Stella was a simple, clear framework about what the various planetary symbols mean as well as a sense of confidence about doing readings. I can look at a chart and know what to look for with a sense of confidence.

I like to go to Stella for readings as she doesn't futz about with flowery astro description about what is aligned conjunct square etc which is mesmerisingly complex but meaningless. She speaks plainly, explaining what she sees going on in the chart in simple practical English. Its also good being able to know how to read a chart because she and I can converse about what the various transits etc mean in a more meaningful way.

Getting a reading from Stella is reassuring for me, and reinforcing that what I am seeing is also affirmed and explored in more depth.

Caroline Shahbaz, Management Consultant (Astrology Student 2000-01)



“Stella is a teacher, a healer and a woman of great wisdom. Her teaching style was targeted to every person's individual learning needs.”

Throughout 2001-02 I studied Tarot and Astrology with Stella Woods. What a great decision I made. I began to think about people and my life very differently. Stella taught me that our own lives mirrored the journey of the people represented in the tarot and that the symbols contained in the cards are a representation our own inner and outer life experiences. Stella is a teacher, a healer and a woman of great wisdom. Her teaching style was targeted to every person's individual learning needs. Studying tarot and astrology awakened an interest in my own spiritual health, the spiritual health and well being of others and now I am studying a Diploma of Holistic Counselling. I credit Stella as being a knowledgeable and influential teacher and studying with her has given me the courage and insight to follow my intuition and dreams.

(Simone Tarot/Astrology Student 2001-02) 


 "I was very pleased that one of my essays got 93%! Thanks again for your fabulous teaching, especially the art of essay writing."

I got the results of my exam a couple of days ago, and I got an overall high pass. I was very pleased that one of my essays got 93%! Thanks again for your fabulous teaching, especially the art of essay writing. I now have a Diploma in Astrology, which is very pleasing. No more essays for exams! Hope your business is thriving!

Cheers from Alison

"Tania, Barbara and I did our first festival yesterday and it was fantastic!" 

Hi Stella,

Tania, Barbara and I did our first festival yesterday and it was fantastic! I had some beautiful African clients who were so fascinated with the cards and read for a little boy whose mother thanked me for helping him - very rewarding. Thanks for all your great teaching Stella!

 Love, Julia x  (Tarot Student 2007)

Thanks for teaching me so much about Tarot and for doing readings at our product launch.

Hi Stella,

Hope you have a fun and relaxing New Year and a prosperous 2013.  Thanks for teaching me so much about Tarot and for doing readings at our product launch.  You were a great hit!

Lisa (Tarot Student 2012)


Since your course I have been offering free tarot reading sessions and in the last couple of months have done close to 30!!!

Hi Stella,

I just wanted to let you know that since your course I have been offering free tarot reading sessions and in the last couple of months have done close to 30!!!  I am really loving the readings and it ties in so well with what I have learnt through coaching and spirituality. So thanks again and hope to meet up at some stage, perhaps for more learning!

Best wishes,
Koti (Tarot Student 2012)



Hi Stella,

Hope you’re well! So it’s been about a year since I did your manifestation course, and I have been non stop busy with exciting photography jobs! I just quoted my first ever $10,000 job for a global campaign, most of all my clients have been rebooking me for jobs, so now I have a good steady client base, I’ve just been up in QLD for a big two day fashion shoot and my agent just informed me that July is going to be insanely busy as I have lots of big jobs booked in. 

I also went to Iceland over Christmas and had an exhibition with my photos from Iceland. I released a book as well, the sales of the artworks and books wasn’t quite as high as I had hoped, but opening night was a massive success, it was a packed night full of people and lots of good write-ups about the show. 

Also being happy in my career has really improved things on the relationship front and me and my boyfriend are happier than ever and so in love. 

Part of me will always feel grateful to you and the course for all this success! Speaking of the course, I saw you released YOUR book, congratulations!!

I’d love to book in another astrology session with you soon, please let me know if I need to book well in advance, is you calendar filling up quick?

Natasha  (Magic & Manifestation Student 2011)