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Scorpio vs Libra – Mars vs Venus

By Stella Woods, 01-09-2010

At the time of writing (1 st September 2010) the Labor and Coalition spin doctors are falling over
themselves to explain why their method of analysing the election results is superior and why their
party ‘really should have won’. So who has won/will win? The more I look at the transit and natal
charts of Gillard and Abbott, the more confusing the picture becomes. Neither leader has the brilliant
transits of victory.

Venus was exactly conjunct Mars in Libra on election day, meaning the two leaders were dead equal
on the 21 st August, Venus being Julia and Mars being Tony. Before the election, I predicted that Julia
would win by a small margin as Venus is the ruler of Libra, whereas Mars, being in detriment in
Libra, struggles to make it effects felt. But then Mercury retrograde brought all the confusion and the
recounts and the delay and the ‘dead heat’ so my next course of action was to look at the charts on
September 13 th when Mercury goes direct, hopefully bringing clarity and an end to the confusion of a
hung parliament.

Although we have no time of birth for Tony, both he and Julia have their Mars return a day or so
before Mercury goes direct. We can read a Mars return chart as an indicator of the likely work and
career progress of an individual over the next couple of years (the average time of a Mars cycle).
Because both Tony and Julia have their natal Mars in the late degrees of Libra, the Mars return charts
are virtually identical meaning their likely career progress will be very similar. And what makes it
even more infuriating in terms of selecting a winner is that on the day of Tony’s Mars return (10 th
September), the Moon is in Libra (Julia’s sign) and on the day of Julia’s Mars return (12 th September),
the Moon is in Scorpio (Tony’s sign). The Moon is in the enemy camp in other words.
And by the time we get to the day Mercury goes direct (13 th September), Venus has moved into
detriment in Scorpio and Mars remains in detriment in Libra. It looks like the Greens and
Independents are going to be the clear winners in this election regardless of who ends up with the title
of Prime Minister and perhaps what this is what the planetary line-up is trying to tell us. Neither
Labor nor Coalition will have the victory they hoped for and the face of Australian politics will have
irrevocably changed.