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Saturn & Pluto In Mutual Reception - Time to Cut the Crap

By Stella Woods, 01-10-2012

On 6th October 2012, Saturn entered Scorpio for a two and a half year stay meaning Pluto and Saturn will be in mutual reception throughout this period. We say that two planets are in mutual reception when they are travelling through each other’s zodiac sign simultaneously - rather like an exchange visit between foreign students. The territory is unfamiliar, yet the exchange is usually productive and beneficial.

As a young astrology student I couldn’t get my head around mutual receptions. There were just so many other things to learn, but I’ve come to realise they are very important, both in the birth chart and on a collective level. Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon.

Sign Rulership & Mutual Reception

Each planet in our solar system has traditional rulership over one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, meaning the planet performs particularly well when travelling through that sign.

For example, if a person is born with Mercury, the communication planet in Gemini or Virgo, their mind is particularly sharp, able to sift through information at lightning speed and separate the wheat from the chaff. Or if Venus the planet of love and aesthetics is placed in Taurus or Libra, the native has natural charm and good taste and can easily create beauty and harmony. Now imagine if we swap these planets round and put Mercury in Taurus and Venus in Gemini – we then have what is called a ‘mutual reception’. Although the two planets are not in their home or ruling signs, they are able to reinforce, support and understand each other and can work together.

When Saturn, moved into Scorpio on 6 th October 2012, he entered mutual reception with Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio) as Pluto journeys through Capricorn (the sign ruled by Saturn). This means the themes of Pluto and Scorpio and Saturn and Capricorn will figure largely on the world stage as well as in our own lives over the next two and half years. And at the beginning of this cycle, these two planets form a sextile (60 degree angle) meaning they can work together to create change. So what should we expect?

Pluto-Saturn Themes

Pluto has already been slowly grinding his way through Capricorn since 2008, challenging the structure, hierarchy, and systems of power and government in our modern world. Pluto and Saturn, working together, have one simple mission- cut the crap. Scorpio is a fixed water sign – emotional and intransigent whereas Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign - practical and reality-based. There’s nothing fancy or idealistic about these two zodiac energies. I once worked as a waitress in a restaurant where the managers were Capricorn and Scorpio. They were polite and efficient, but never over-familiar. Nothing went to waste. We were never underpaid, but we never received more than our due and neither did the customers. As long as we worked hard they looked after us. Anyone who was lazy or unmotivated got the sack. The next two and half years to the end of 2014 will be a time to get real, cut out the excess and concentrate on the essentials. Survival is the keyword.

Natural resources such as gas, oil, minerals and water may be restricted and we can expect more popular discontent and power struggles for authority between the people and government, and further unrest in the global economy, but only in sectors where the underlying infrastructure is weak. Retrenchments, factory closures and job losses are likely to increase and we’ll be hearing more about cut backs, deficit reduction, saving and superannuation plans. However, once the Scorpio-Capricorn energies are brought into balance through discipline and hard work, we will be able to reorganise our financial structures and develop new government and business models that are fairer, more efficient, more transparent and more service-oriented. The worst thing we can do is allow fear and inertia to dominate. Most people dislike change and chaos and try to hold onto the status quo. But humans are resilient creatures and we do some of our best work under pressure. The times are certainly changing, but we can see this Saturn-Pluto mutual reception as an opportunity to grow stronger.

Who will thrive and survive?

-Those who live within their means and avoid gambling and speculation

-Those with credit cards with a low or zero balance

-Those who own their home with no or low mortgage

-Those with savings and fixed interest investments

-Those who understand that material possessions are not the most important thing in life

-Those with close friends, support networks and loving relationships

-Those who honour the magic of the earth and the environment

-Those who are honest, hard working and self-disciplined

-Those who take a long term approach to life, relationships and financial security

-Those who take care of their health and their body

-Those who are proactive, responsible and accountable

-Those who can adapt to changing circumstances

-Those who face their fears and can help others face theirs

-Those who understand the difference between fantasy and reality

-Those who embrace sharing, community and cooperation

-Those who understand that natural resources are limited

-Those with strong, loving family bonds

-Those who are ethical and act with integrity

-Those who find joy in the pleasures of everyday life

-Those who look to the future, not the past