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By Stella Woods, 01-07-2010

The Mayan Civilisation in Central America had a highly developed understanding of the cycles of the Sun, Moon and Venus, illustrated on their famous calendar that began in 3114 BC and accurately measured the solar year to within minutes. It is now common knowledge that the Mayan Calendar ends on the 21st December 2012, but what does this mean?

The Mayans worshipped the sun as the ‘First Lord’ and like many ancient cultures, held ceremonies at the winter solstice, which marked the beginning of their new year and the return of the light. At the 2012 winter solstice the sun will rise through the exact centre of a gap in the middle of the Milky Way, known to the Mayans as the Sacred Tree. The Sacred Tree is both the door to the underworld and the birth canal of the Cosmic Mother. At dawn on 21st December 2012, the Milky Way galaxy, as seen from Central America, will lie across the horizon, so at sunrise the sun (First Lord/New Born Sun) will rise from the underworld, pass through this birth canal and open the cosmic sky portal. This event only occurs once every 26,000 years and the Mayans considered it so momentous, that December 2012 marked the end of time as they knew it and the birth of a new age.

What is also interesting is that Terence McKenna, an American shaman, writer and philosopher, who had no knowledge of the Mayan calendar at the time of his research, came up with the date of 21st December 2012 as the point in time when humanity would experience the greatest novelty in its existence. Using a formula derived from the I Ching, McKenna tracked events in human history and graphed them on a time wave comparing periods of novelty (leaps forward in human progress such as the invention of the steam engine) against periods where little or no human progress occurred – periods of habit. McKenna wrote: “Our planet is on a collision course with something that we, at our present state of knowledge, don't have a word for. I would like to suggest that what is happening on this planet is that time is actually speeding up... we are soon to be sucked into the body of eternity. My model points to 11:18 am, Greenwich Mean Time, December 21, 2012”

McKenna (who died in 2000) believed that the only way to predict what would happen in 2012 was to study current trends. He observed the gradual dissolution of boundaries between classes of people, bodies of knowledge, pools of capital and language groups and decided that ultimate novelty might be characterised by dissolution of all boundaries, paving the way for travel to other dimensions of space and time. With spiritual Neptune, symbol of higher realms of consciousness, moving into ruling sign Pisces in the lead up to December 2012, I believe we are on the brink of a massive spiritual renaissance based on a reconnection between the sacred feminine and sacred masculine.

On a recent trip to Egypt, our group spent two hours meditating inside the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is believed the chamber was used as a sacred initiation center for the awakening, stimulation, and acceleration of spiritual consciousness and that the Great Pyramid itself was a device for gathering, amplifying and focusing a mysterious energy field for the benefit of humankind. Inside the King’s Chamber is a huge red granite sarcophagus with no lid. Two members of our party, one a civil engineer and the other a musical director of a church climbed inside the massive stone coffer. The engineer told me later that he had had the most amazing out of body experiences and been immediately transported to a past life. Earlier in the day the same man had found the force field surrounding the pyramid so intense, he had to lie down on the ground. The musician saw herself as a sound healer in another time and dimension, covered with beams of love and light.

These are not isolated experiences. Shamanic journeys, telepathy, sound healing, colour therapy, energy healing, stone levitation, sacred geometry, altered states of consciousness … our ancestors were masters of these techniques. Perhaps 2012 simply marks the collective rediscovery of what they knew and understood 26,000 years ago.