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AstroUpdate – September 2016

By webdev, 29-09-2016

Greetings from the wilds of Yorkshire and many thanks to all of you who wrote to me with good wishes for my unexpected and somewhat sudden move to the UK! Here I am finally installed in my new home - doing astrology and tarot readings via Skype and Zoom, dealing with mail orders and of course sending you AstroUpdate. Quite fitting with Mercury retrograde on the 30th August (dealing with unfinished business) and the solar eclipse and new moon on the 1st September (new beginnings). I had hoped to write a newsletter in early August, but there were so many other things to deal with, work just had to take a back seat, so my apologies to any of you who thought you’d dropped off the list or missed the monthly moon tables. I’ll be updating my website over the coming month to reflect any changes due to my new circumstances. 

My new home in Yorkshire – a far cry from St Kilda! 

Mercury Retrograde – Back Up Your Hard Drive! 

Every four months communication planet Mercury turns retrograde, gently reminding us that despite our best efforts, not everything is under our conscious control! Mercury will be travelling backwards through practical Virgo from 30th August until the 22nd September pushing us to re-think, re-do, re-define, re-organize, re-assess, re-orient, and re-plan, right up to the 22nd when Mercury starts moving forward again. 

When Mercury is retrograde, communications can be problematic – we tend to think and process information more slowly and can misunderstand each other, meaning patience and compromise are vital. Back up computer data; check your printer ink levels; take special care of your phone; allow more time for travel and avoid leaving things into the last moment or cutting corners. And… if life descends into chaos, take it as a sign you need to slow down! 

September Solar Eclipse – Lunar Eclipse 

Solar Eclipse in Virgo – Reaping the Harvest 

On the 1st September at the Virgo new moon, we have a solar eclipse, an event which happens just twice a year. This eclipse is an annular solar eclipse with a "ring of fire” and occurs as the moon moves in front of the sun, but does not cover the sun’s disc completely. Symbolically, eclipses show us new ways of looking at things and often bring insight and epiphany. 2016 has been a year of heart-centred choice - this solar eclipse will help us understand the practical consequences of the paths we have chosen while those yet to make a leap of faith will find it easier to leave the old ways behind. The best place for viewing the eclipse is Nigeria in Africa... or of course the internet! 

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces – Breaking Down Self-Limiting Beliefs 

The September full moon falls on the 17th in water sign Pisces as the earth’s shadow eclipses the light of the full moon. This lunar eclipse will help break down self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns, enabling us to see life with greater clarity. Expect deep emotions to rise from the unconscious to be processed and integrated. 

Sun in Libra Discover Your Inner Partner 

This year, the Sun will travel through air sign Libra from 23rd September until 24th October. Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac with keywords “I balance” and “I seek my other half”. Those born under the sign of the Scales promote love and harmony and teach us about the importance of give and take. They adore relationships, are often cultured or artistic and are experts in charm, diplomacy and negotiation. Negatively, Librans can be superficial, indecisive, manipulative or dependent and because they hate unpleasantness or disagreement, they often avoid conflict and bury their heads in the sand. In medical astrology, Libra rules the kidneys, lumbar region and skin, so when Librans are out of balance they tend to suffer from lower back pain, kidney problems, urinary tract problems and skin diseases such as eczema. The Libra colours are ivory, pink, turquoise and blue. Libra’s greatest lesson is to learn to develop their ‘inner partner’ and become whole rather than seek an outer partner to feel complete. 

Happy birthday to all Librans – here’s wishing you a fantastic year ahead! 

Jupiter in Libra – Love Is In the Air 

On the 9th September, Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system moves into air sign Libra for a year-long stay, blessing all those born under the sign of the Scales. Jupiter will remain in Libra until October 2017 offering those with planets in the air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius special opportunities to achieve their potential over the coming year. Jupiter represents our yearning for meaning in life and our desire for expansion and growth. But Jupiter’s true purpose is to inspire us to embrace a belief system that gives meaning to life. In practical terms, this means all areas of life ruled by Libra will be fashionable or ‘in the news’ over the next 12 months. These include fashion, beauty, the arts, culture, close partnerships of all kinds, justice, diplomacy, refinement and fairness. Jupiter in Libra is a wonderful time to form new alliances and dissolve unions that are no longer working. Watch out for a flurry of engagements and marriages, or consider popping the question yourself! 

Spring Equinox – Feeling Lighter, Brighter & Fresher 

The 23rd September marks the spring equinox as the Sun moves from Virgo into Libra, a dynamic and inspirational time of year when the days become longer than the nights. Symbolically this is a time to remain open physically and emotionally to keep the energy flowing and consider what changes or improvements you would like to see over the coming months. Many people choose to lead a healthier lifestyle or change their diet. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Seven Top Tips for a Great Spring 

1) Get up an hour earlier each morning for a whole month and spend that extra hour doing all those jobs you’ve been putting off for ages. 

2) Clean out the kitchen, fridge, freezer and pantry – throw away all the out of date stuff and food you’ll never eat. 

3) Pamper yourself with a massage, facial, hot bath or relaxing spa – scrub off all that old winter skin. 

4) Get out in the fresh air, smell the flowers, breathe deeply and feel the sunshine on your body. 

5) Plan a day or weekend in the country with friends and family. 

6) Spring is all about feeling, lighter, brighter and fresher. Think about the thing that is weighing you down the most and how you could change it. Be creative! 

7) Give thanks for all the good things in your life and the new experiences coming your way. 

September & October Moon Calendar 

Launch projects at the New Moon, bring them to completion in the period from just before the Full Moon to the Third Quarter phase and wind them down and reflect on developments in the week before the next New Moon. 

The period between the New Moon and the Full Moon is the waxing moon (moon getting bigger and fuller). The period between the Full Moon and the New Moon is the waning moon (moon getting smaller and thinner). 

You can use this moon table to select the most favourable days to slow or increase hair regrowth. Full instructions can be found in my Lunar Hair Care guidelines at but to get you started I’ve marked the best dates for waxing/shaving to slow regrowth in yellow and the best dates to cut hair for thicker, lusher growth in green. If you’re serious about Lunar Hair Care - order your own Moon Calendar from the Stella Starwoman Store then you’ll know exactly what time of day the moon changes from one zodiac sign to the next, meaning you can fine-tune your activities with confidence. 

Date Moon Sign Element Moon Phase
1st – 3rd Virgo Earth New Moon 1st
Solar Eclipse
3rd-5th Libra Air  
5th-8th Scorpio Water  
8th-10th Sagittarius Fire First Quarter
10th-13th Capricorn Earth  
13th-15th Aquarius Air  
15th-17th Pisces Water Full Moon 17th
Lunar Eclipse
17th-19th Aries Fire  
19th-21st Taurus Earth  
21st-23rd Gemini Air  
23rd-25th   Cancer Water Third Quarter
25th-28th Leo Fire  
28th-30th Virgo Earth  
30th-3rd Libra Air  
1st – 3rd   Libra Air New Moon 1st
3rd-5th Scorpio Water  
5th-8th Sagittarius Fire  
8th-10th Capricorn Earth First Quarter
10th-12th Aquarius Air  
12th-15th Pisces Water  
15th-17th Aries Fire Full Moon 16th
17th-19th Taurus Earth  
19th-21st Gemini Air  
21st-23rd   Cancer Water Third Quarter
23rd-25th Leo Fire  
25th-27th Virgo Earth  
27th-30th Libra Air  
30th – 2nd Scorpio Water New Moon 31st

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