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AstroUpdate – March 2010

By Stella Woods, 01-03-2010

Hi and welcome to the Stella Starwoman March AstroUpdate! This month you can read my predictions for what Jupiter in Pisces will bring us in 2010. And, with only two weeks to the start of my 2010 Tarot & Astrology courses on 15th/16th March – let me know ASAP if you want to join up.

We had ten people at the ‘Finding the Perfect Partner’ workshop on Valentine’s Day and six at the ‘Secrets of the Tarot Major Arcana’ last Sunday – our final workshop is this Sunday 28th – Wheel of the Zodiac - if you’d like to join us, let me know on 03 9534 5021 or

And to the one hundred plus AstroUpdate subscribers who purchased 2010 Moon Calendars and Diaries - I hope you’re enjoying planning your life by the moon! Thank you for your business!

Astrology Workshop – This Sunday 28th Feb


Book in for this Sunday’s Astrology Workshop and bring a friend along for only $60.


Elwood Neighbourhood House, 87 Tennyson Street, Elwood from 1 -5 pm Sunday 28th February.

Cost $175 includes Afternoon Tea & Personal Birth Chart

There’s still time to sign up for my final February workshop on the 28th February - an Introduction to the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac. By the end of the afternoon you’ll have a much better understanding of yourself AND will be able to use the same techniques to better understand your partner, boss, friends and family! Join us for a fun filled afternoon – price includes afternoon tea and a twenty five page birth chart report. Click here to go the Workshop Page on the Stella Starwoman website for more details.


1) Call Stella on (03) 9534 5021 with your credit card details and birth details OR

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Remember you can book in for this workshop and bring a friend along for only $60.

Astrology & Tarot Courses 2010

Only two weeks to go to the start of my 2010 Astrology & Tarot Courses, now in their tenth year. Visit (astrology) or (tarot) for course syllabus, student testimonials, dates and prices. There are still places available on all four courses so let me know ASAP if you want to join up. Call (03) 9534 5021 or email to book OR download a booking form via the links below.


TAP INTO TAROT – One Year Course for Beginners – Starts Monday 6 pm, 15th March in Elwood

ASTROLOGY FOR BEGINNERS – One Year Course for Beginners – Starts Tuesday 6 pm, 16th March in Elwood


PRACTICAL TAROT – Eight Week Intensive – Starts Monday 7.30 pm, 15th March in Elwood

PRACTICAL NATAL CHART READING – Sixteen Weeks – Starts Tuesday 7.30 pm, 16th March in Elwood


$350 per eight week term – discounts available if you sign up for more than one term.



Autumn Equinox

March 21st, the autumn equinox, is a key date in the yearly calendar as the sun moves from Pisces to Aries and day and night are of equal length. Many ancient civilisations considered the equinox and solstice points the most important days of the calendar, marking the turning points of the year. For the next six months, nights are longer than days, which means it is time to start withdrawing energy from the outer world and prepare for the cooler months ahead. Stock up your kitchen shelves and freezer and get your house and garden in order.

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system takes twelve years to circle the sun and therefore spends an entire year in each sign of the zodiac. Jupiter entered water sign Pisces in late January bringing an increased awareness of the amazing creativity and wisdom we all share. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and both Jupiter and Pisces have an expansive view of the world, and a desire to bring meaning to life. Jupiter's focus is the pursuit of wisdom and truth while the Piscean quest for ego-denial requires the sacrifice of individuality.

Here are my predictions for what Jupiter in Pisces could bring in 2010.

Right Brain Insight

Pisces is the most imaginative sign of the zodiac and Jupiter in Pisces can activate our right brain releasing flashes of intuition, inspiration and creativity. Wisdom is gained through dreams, meditation, visualisation and symbol. Whole concepts will be intuitively grasped or works of art, music and literature channelled in complete form. We can expect an increasing acceptance of multi-dimensional reality through direct revelation and personal experience.

Healing, Compassion & Sacrifice

Pisces loves to help those who are less fortunate. Homeless people, fringe dwellers, the poor, mentally ill, sick, and imprisoned are all ruled by Pisces. When Jupiter is in Pisces we are more likely to want to help to people in need and pass legislation supporting them. Self-sacrifice will be seen as a noble pursuit, but can be taken to extremes. Watch out for an increase in alcohol abuse, drug overdoses and involvement in cults. Jupiter represents the guru or teacher - be careful whom you follow.

This compassionate approach extends to forgiveness of self for past actions and the opportunity to reclaim rejected or hated aspects of self. Trauma, grief and loss can also be more easily released including healing from past karma or past lives.

More people will embrace sound and visual healing techniques along with spiritual healing and energy work of all kinds. Art, music and drama therapy will become more popular and the connection between prayer, meditation, the power of love and world healing will be a focus.

The Arts

Pisces rules all art forms, but especially music. With Jupiter in Pisces we can expect a boost to arts funding and greater patronage of the arts - dance, painting, poetry, sculpture, music, film, photography, theatre and literature. Pisces is a romantic, idealistic and mystical energy and Jupiter likes to go over the top – so expect to see this combination of themes popping up in books, movies and music along with compassion, forgiveness and the desire for unity. We will also see more focus on the poor and disadvantaged.

The newly released film ‘Avatar’ directed by James Cameron is a classic Jupiter in Pisces offering featuring a paraplegic former marine who is genetically transformed into an able-bodied avatar and sent on a mission to the planet Pandora where he falls in love with a beautiful native. Interestingly, Cameron, who has the Moon in Pisces, dreamt up the film 12 years ago, (the last time Jupiter was in Pisces), but the technology to create his vision of a virtual new world was not available at that time. ‘Avatar’ is breaking all box office records as did ‘Titanic’ another Cameron film that hit the cinemas as Jupiter moved into Pisces in early 1998. That film won 11 Oscars and featured a huge ocean liner that sank on an overseas trip plus a heart-rending story of love and sacrifice – you can’t get more Jupiter in Pisces than that!

Mystical Experience & Spiritual Quest

Jupiter in Pisces brings divine inspiration and an increase in the number of people experiencing mystical revelations. As a result, conversations about healing, redemption and personal connection to god or spirit will become more common. Expect to see more people praying, meditating, attending churches and spiritual circles or taking an increased interest in esoteric belief systems. There will be more contact with spirit guides, ancestors, angels, animal totems, fairies and nature devas and the practice of shamanism could become more widespread.

Pisces as the final sign of the zodiac carries the energy of all twelve signs. With Jupiter in Pisces we can expand our personal vision and gain greater self-awareness and understanding. Searching for the meaning of life will be seen as a noble pursuit.

Economics & Science

With optimistic Jupiter ruling international affairs and large scale ventures and Pisces having a problem with boundaries and hard-nosed reality, Jupiter in Pisces can be associated with financial collapse, inflation and corruption. President Nixon resigned in 1974 in the aftermath of the Watergate Scandal and the Iran Contra Affair was exposed in 1986. No prizes for guessing which sign Jupiter was in back then.

And with water sign Pisces ruling the oceans, we could be increasingly forced to face the problem of rising sea levels or, on a more positive note, see developments in the science of oceanography.

Good Global Citizens

Humanitarian issues will continue to take centre stage throughout 2010 as Jupiter and Chiron move into compassionate Pisces and Neptune continues his fourteen year journey through community-minded air sign Aquarius. Every cloud has a silver lining and after two years of financial meltdown, we have learned that a focus on the material side of life can only take us so far.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister, Julie Gillard described herself recently as a ‘good global citizen’, a phrase which attracts over 40 million hits on Google and seems to have been coined around the turn of the millennium. The Internet and other technologies such as the iPhone and Skype have played an important role in this move towards global citizenship, along with cheap air fares and the wide acceptance of credit cards. But there are other forces at work: a decrease in community involvement, the rise of lifestyle politics, the homogenisation of products and the proliferation of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The most recent example of this global citizenship phenomenon has been the collective response to the massive earthquake in Haiti, which fell between the January lunar and solar eclipses. (Interestingly, the Black Saturday Australian bushfires also fell between the lunar and solar eclipses of early 2009). News and pictures from the disaster area could be viewed seconds later all over the world and modern technology helped spread the word, enabling charity organisations to raise money quickly and efficiently. An unprecedented wave of generosity (Jupiter) and sympathy (Pisces) resulted in record numbers of donations. We can expect more of this outpouring of unconditional love for fellow human beings over the coming year.

Featured Sign-Pisces

From the 19th February to the 21st March, the sun travels through mutable water sign Pisces, noted for her dreaminess, escapist nature and love of fantasy. Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac with keywords, “I merge” and “I seek redemption”. With Pisces, the inner self is preparing for retreat from the world and as the ego dissolves, boundaries are weakened and impressionability and sensitivity increases. Pisceans are versatile and adaptable, gentle and compassionate. They are often psychic and highly attuned to the spiritual plane. Those born under the sign of the Fishes excel as counsellors, healers, actors, artists and musicians. Many are attracted to the fashion, beauty and movie industries whilst others work with those on the fringe of society – the elderly and sick, people with a disability or special needs and those in jail, detention or rehab centres. At best Pisceans serve humanity and practice unconditional love. Negatively, they can be victims and martyrs, known for self-sabotage or selfsacrifice. There is also a tendency to rescue or ‘save’ others. In medical astrology, Pisces rules the toes, feet and lymphatic system. There is sometimes a reflex effect on the abdominal region governed by opposite sign, Virgo. When Pisceans are out of balance they often suffer from foot trouble, intestinal diseases and fluid build up. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is also common. The Pisces colours are sea green, purple and the various shades of blue. Pisces greatest lesson is to learn discrimination and to protect and ground themselves.