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By Stella Woods, 01-05-2008


With the nights growing longer and the Sun and Venus in sensual Taurus, what better time to curl up on the couch with a soothing drink and discover your inner goddess!

This beautiful 45-page Personalised Goddess Report comes with attractive full-colour illustrations, information about the history and mythology of the 12 different goddess and detailed information on how these feminine energies play out in your birth chart.

Many of you know your Moon and Venus astrological signs, but do you know about Juno – Goddess of Marriage; Hecate – Goddess of the Threshold or Cassandra – Goddess of Divination?

This month you can order a Personalised Goddess Report for yourself or a friend at the specially reduced price of $49.95

Each report is individually drawn up based on your time, date and place of birth, so no two reports are the same. If you’d like to check out one of these reports for yourself, click on the link below to see the Goddess Report for singer Kylie Minogue.

Kylie Minogue – Sample Goddess Report

Three Simple Steps to Order Your Goddess Report

  1. Download and print off an order form by clicking on this link. Goddess Order Form
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Send the form back to Stella with your payment by mail or fax or phone through your order on 03 9534 5021. You can pay by money order, cheque, Visa, MasterCard or Direct Bank Transfer.


From the 20th April to the 21st May, the Sun travels through fixed earth sign Taurus, Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac with keywords “I have” and “I hold”. Its symbol is the bull who luxuriates in the lush fields of plenty until aroused! Taureans love physical pleasure and are caring and affectionate. They are also patient, steadfast and reliable with excellent taste. Taureans can be very stubborn and over-cautious, so proceed slowly and steadily when dealing with one of these individuals. Their anger can be awesome as it builds up steadily over a long period of time. When Taureans are out of balance they often suffer from sore throats, voice and thyroid problems or a stiff jaw. The Taurus colours are pink, light blue, russet and the warm earthy tones. Taurus also has a strong connection with the arts, particularly music. With their fine taste and patient hard working qualities, Taureans produce things of beauty that outlive them. Their greatest lesson is to learn to accept change and let go of their attachment to material possessions.

How do you handle a Taurus? Take your time – the bull will not be hurried and they might gore you if you are stupid enough to try! If you really want to ‘manipulate’ a Taurus – feed them on good quality food and wine and stroke them gently! And if you want to annoy a Taurus, keep shifting the goal posts and when they complain….tell them how stubborn and inflexible they are! Or you could try borrowing their stuff and not returning it………


 If you’ve visited my website recently, you’ll have seen a big purple ad on the front page “Free Phone Ins”. I’ve already hosted two of these one-hour teleseminars and over 300 people (including dozens of AstroUpdate subscribers) registered to join me on line or via phone!

Here’s what you had to say:

Hi Stella, Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed listening to you last Thursday night. Really great information and ideas. I'm thrilled that you are making transcripts available for all the talks. I'll be ordering mine soon. (If only I had managed to listen to that first session my money would be on its way now!) Kind regards, Olga

Congratulations Stella, you sounded so natural and were so easy to listen to. Thanks for the info that you gave us. I enjoyed the Secrets and now know where I have been going wrong. Putting things right as from this morning. Took three pages of notes! Nigel

Hi Stella, Thank you for another thought-provoking seminar. I have really enjoyed listening to you and Howard. I especially liked the reminder to have shared long term goals that we are both happy is important to have those discussions to make sure that we not making any assumptions. Looking forward to the next call. Thanks again, Claire

Dear Stella, Thank you - you've given me " permission " to divest myself of " small / short poppies " – getting there !! Anon

Hi Stella - Tonight was just great, I really enjoyed it once again, and certainly have food for thought. Look forward to your next telecast. I really appreciate your time and Howard’s to set this up for us all. Kind regards, Barbara

Stella, this is a fantastic idea – such a gift for so many people!. And I love how professional your package looks….it really is fabulously exciting. The anal retentive / design-head in me just loves it! Anne

Thank you for your generosity and enthusiasm. I enjoyed listening to you speak and I have already started an action plan to reach one of my goals. I look forward to the next phone-in. Ame

My next call on the The Seven Secrets of Attracting the Perfect Partner is this Thursday 1st May at 7 pm – you are welcome to sign up for this teleseminar plus the final call on health on the 15th May if you haven’t already done so. Feel free to invite your friends to participate too.

For more details or to register, go to and follow the links via the big purple button on the home page.

(And if you’d like to read about or order the Full Teleseminar Package (which includes more than five hours of calls plus the transcript manuals) click on this link.) Teleseminar Package


A grand earth trine between Saturn, Pluto and Venus in the first week of May helps us feel emotionally secure, encouraging us to put our dreams and plans into action. Venus slips into sensual Taurus at the beginning of the month bringing a yearning for lazy lie-ins, slow cooked food, massage, fine wines and all other pleasures of the flesh. Those with hectic work schedules may not feel like working at all! If you love gardening, bushwalking or the great outdoors, plan a weekend away this month.

Communication planet Mercury heads into home sign Gemini on the 3rd and Saturn goes direct on the same day. While you’re lounging in the spa with that glass of champagne, your mind will be racing at a million miles an hour…. Mercury in Gemini brings clarity of thought and ability to dissect and analyse ideas with ease. May is therefore a favourable month for writers, actors, journalists and anyone whose work involves the spoken or written word.

Giant Jupiter turns retrograde on the 9th in Capricorn until mid September. Use the winter period to sort out your finances and make long-term plans in the practical areas of your life such as real estate, business, gardening and home maintenance.

Fiery Mars moves into passionate Leo on the 10th after a long and some would say wearying eight-month stint in Gemini and Cancer. Mars and Leo both love action, so if you feel as though you’ve been dragging your heels of late, things should start to move ahead again this month. Mars in Leo is excellent for taking the initiative in romance, particularly for men! Make sure to make your move before the end of June. Leo also rules the performing arts, so those working in this area should feel confident and motivated and others will appreciate your creative output.

Venus and the Sun join Mercury in Gemini in the final week of May making this an ideal time to catch up with friends, deal with paperwork or start writing your novel. Mercury turns retrograde on the 27th for three weeks, encouraging us to rework, revise and rethink through ideas and plans. The Mercury retrograde period is notorious for problems with computers, answering machines, cars, email and any activity, gadget or technology designed to get information from A to B. If this starts happening to you, slow down and take time out. Perhaps there is a good reason for the delay.

Finally a Chiron, Neptune North Node conjunction in Aquarius is active for the whole of May. Outer planetary conjunctions tend to manifest on a collective level, so we may be more sensitive than usual to the suffering of others and able to show compassion. Neptune dissolves boundaries and deepens love and connection, while Aquarius is the sign of friendship, community and humanitarian energy. Aquarians born between 9th-16th February will feel this energy more strongly than the rest of us. Many Aquarians will discover their true vocation.