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By Stella Woods, 01-06-2008


In Australia, our winter solstice is marked by the passage of the Sun into Cancer on 21st June. If you note the point at which the sun rises from the 21st-23rd June, you will see that it is in exactly the same place over these three days. The weekend of the solstice (20th-22nd) is the perfect time for a ritual to cleanse and release old energy and honour winter, the season of death and decay. And this year, the Sun lights up the power of Pluto’s underworld – time to travel within to share in the amazing transformation in human consciousness and be part of the rebirth.

Gather together with friends and sit in a circle with two bowls of earth, one with a lighted candle in the middle. Each person needs a pen and two pieces of paper, one dark and one light. Write down the things you would like to release at this dark time of year on the dark piece of paper. This may be an old attitude or belief system, attachment to another person, a period of poverty or some other unwelcome life experience. Go round the circle one by one stating what you wish to release as you burn your dark piece of paper in the candle flame and bury the ashes in the first bowl.

Once you have completed this stage, pause in silence holding hands for a few minutes, then take the second piece of paper and write down what you would like to plant and harvest over the coming months. A new baby? A better relationship with your partner? An overseas holiday or more compassion? Go round the circle sharing your dreams as you place the light coloured piece of paper in the second bowl of earth. Pour water and essential oils into the bowl and bless the dreams it contains before ending the ceremony. Make sure you bury the contents of both bowls - the dark bowl in a shady place and the bowl of dreams in a place where it will receive water and light.

And so that things don’t get too serious….. lay in some mulled wine or a few bottles of red with a hearty stew to finish off the evening!


From the 21st May to the 22nd June, the Sun travels through mutable air sign Gemini. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac with keywords “I think” and “I communicate”. Gemini’s symbol is the twins, one mortal, one immortal, the dark side and the light side. Geminis are extremely curious and like to accumulate information and process data. They think at lightening speed, are versatile and adaptable and love gadgets, mobile phones, books and surfing the net. Easily bored, Geminis need lots of intellectual stimulation and often have a youthful appearance. Negatively, the Gemini individual can be fickle and nervous with scattered energy and a tendency to gossip or make cutting remarks. Some are over-reliant on logic and dismiss emotions as irrational or unimportant. When Geminis are out of balance they suffer from nervous tension or problems in the lungs, arms, shoulders and hands. Gemini’s greatest challenge is to learn constancy and mental discipline and to accept the importance of emotions in both themselves and others.

How do you handle a Gemini? Handle with care, is my advice! They’ll outsmart you at every turn and they think so fast, they’ll leave you for dead. You could try asking them to help you with your iPod/computer/mobile – anything digital or downloadable. Or adopt an attitude of humble inferiority …. you might just fool them. Avoid tears – they won’t be impressed.



Gemini is the sign of the twins so you may feel you're chasing more than one woman! No need to panic, you simply need a two prong plan. When you ask her out, offer her a choice of activities thus cleverly displaying your understanding of her need for variety. Or how about two activities on the same evening?


Computers may seem an unlikely seduction tool, but Geminis love emails and texting. Show him your state of the art mobile phone and woo him with SMS. If this fails, try flirting. Geminis love witty conversation and charm. Don’t expect to do all the talking though, he'll give you a run for your money.


A Gemini new moon on the 4th joins a stellar line up of planets in the sign of the Twins culminating in a triple conjunction between the Sun, Venus and Mercury on the 8th. Gemini brings fresh ideas and perspective, so expect some exciting developments and mental breakthroughs this month, both on a personal and a collective level. The Gemini stellium makes an air trine to the Neptune, North Node, Chiron line-up, increasing the likelihood of debate and legislation on matters that are of national importance, such as social justice or energy conservation. With Mars in feisty Leo throughout June there should be plenty of energy and passion to put these ideas into action.

Venus and the Sun go head to head with Uranus from the 9th-14th shaking us out of our complacency. If your love life is in a rut, mid June is a good time to do something daring or different!

The Jupiter retrograde transit will force many to put grand scale plans on hold over winter, particularly Sagittarians and Capricorns. Now is the time to revise, re-adjust and reconsider projects begun earlier in the year in preparation for a re-launch in the spring months ahead.

From the 12th-23rd June, Mars in Leo opposes the Aquarian triple conjunction forcing us to compromise between our own desires and interests and those of society. When Mars hits the South Node around the 15th you may find yourself dealing with unfinished business of a Martian nature. That means arguments, conflict or men from the past coming back to haunt you!

On the 17-18th Venus opposes Pluto, bringing out the dark side of love and emotion. This is a fairly quick transit, so if you feel depressed, lonely or self-destructive, hang on and the energy will change. Venus then moves into Cancer, one of her favourite signs just before the Sagittarian full moon on the 19th. Normally this full moon is a good time for a short holiday or party, but this month Pluto is in the mix intensifying emotions. If you do hold a party or winter solstice gathering this week, be prepared for unexpected feelings to rise to the surface.

Mercury turns direct on the 20th in Gemini after been retrograde for the whole of June. Usually information comes to light during the Mercury retro period that can be acted upon once the fog has cleared. Winter is naturally a time of introspection, so don’t be surprised if you experience an epiphany.

Finally at the end of the month, the Sun in maternal Cancer conjuncts Great Mother Ceres – time to really look after yourself plus tell your Mum how special she is!