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By Stella Woods, 01-02-2008

Solar eclipses always occur at the new moon when the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiac
sign. On February 7 th there’s a solar eclipse at the Aquarius new moon. So what does this
mean? Well this month’s eclipse is particularly powerful as it’s linked in with several other
planets including Mercury, Neptune and Chiron. Mercury brings information and insight, while
Neptune and Chiron are connected with inspired vision, spirituality and healing.

During a solar eclipse, the moon blocks out (eclipses) the light of the sun, allowing hidden
energies to rise to the surface. So if there’s something you’ve been hiding or blocking out, it
won’t stay hidden for long! Those with the Sun or Moon in Aquarius will be most affected.
Many Aquarians I know are already making plans to break free, cut loose and shock a few
people. Others will leave jobs and unsatisfying relationships. Whether you’re an Aquarian or
not, it’s best not to make firm plans in the lead up to an eclipse as new information often
comes to light forcing a change of course. If you feel confused or lost, stay grounded and
wait for the energy to pass before making any hasty decisions.

There’s also a total eclipse of the moon on the 21 st February in Virgo as the earth’s shadow
glides over the Full Moon. Unfortunately we won’t be able to see this eclipse in Australia as it
occurs during daylight hours, but that doesn’t mean we won’t feel its effects. I note that
Valentine’s Day falls between these two eclipses – if your relationship’s on shaky ground
there could be an earthquake or you could meet the love of your life!

And as if these eclipses are not enough to cope with, we also have communication planet
Mercury travelling backwards for most of February in, you guessed it, Aquarius. For those
who don’t know about Mercury retrograde, it means wires get crossed, people misunderstand
each other, computers crash, cars malfunction and you need to back up everything three
times at least! A couple of days ago I was a teleseminar guest being interviewed about
Astrology and Finance in 2008. Everyone could hear me most of the time (except when there
was thunder and lightning in NSW) but I couldn’t hear anyone else including the person
asking me questions. So I had to make the questions up! I’m sure I’m not the only one
having these sorts of experiences. Fortunately Mercury will be turning direct again on the
19 th .

In response to numerous requests, I’ve put together some information on cutting hair and
waxing or shaving legs using the phases of the moon. (We have quite a number of men on
the mailing list, so I’m hoping you guys are all professional cyclists and this information will be
of use to you too!) All you need is a moon calendar or diary showing the phases of the moon
(new, full, waxing, waning etc) or you can use the table below, which also gives the sign the
moon is in each day.

The pull of the moon is responsible for tidal movements on earth and has a subtle effect on all
living things. Many gardeners and farmers plant their crops at certain moon phases to achieve
optimum growth and yield. The moon cycle also affects human growth and behaviour
patterns, as we, like other plants and animals, are composed mainly of water. Although the
hair shaft is technically dead, the moon does have an effect on hair, as hair follicles are made
of tissue mainly composed of hydrogen and oxygen, the two elements that make up H 2 O or

Hair Care expert Susan Larsen believes in following a Moon
Maintenance Plan to coordinate hair-care activity with the most favourable moon phase and
moon sign. To make your hair grow faster, she suggests having it cut after the new moon but
before the full moon (waxing moon). If you want to slow your hair’s growth, cut it after the full
moon but before the new moon (waning moon).

If you want your hair to grow even faster, cut your hair when the moon is in Cancer, Taurus,
Scorpio, Capricorn, or Pisces. These are water and earth signs that enhance growth. Note
that earth sign Virgo is not included in this list. If you want your hair to become thicker, follow
the same instructions, but choose a time when the moon is in Leo. The lion has a bushy

Those who want hair to grow more slowly, to save on visits to the salon, should have their
hair cut during the waning phase of the moon (after the full moon and before the new moon)
and when the moon is in a fire or air sign (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius).
Elegant, romantic, and decorative styles work better when the moon is in Taurus, Libra, or
Pisces—signs ruled by Venus, goddess of beauty. These guidelines can also be used for leg
waxing or removal of other unwanted hair – it’s an easy formula – “Wax when the moon is


Dear Stella,

We had 12 (!) orders through your website. That's marvellous - there were a few other
astrologers who mentioned us on their sites and spread the word, but yours was by far the
most successful! That just shows that people really value your site! Thank you so much for
your wonderful support.

We are now looking at a creative, simple and meaningful way to mention the main daily
aspects, without taking up a lot of space and making many words. Some people need a lot of
free space - and some people need a lot of information….and we always value feedback.

Love, Light & Laughter

From the 21 st  January to the 19 th February the Sun travels through fixed air sign Aquarius,
noted for its egalitarian nature, progressive ideas and humanitarian bent. Aquarius is the
eleventh sign of the zodiac with keywords “I am different” and “I am detached”. Aquarians are
both radical and immovable at the same time. They will often espouse a social or religious
movement such as feminism, Buddhism or environmentalism and then remain committed to it
for the rest of their lives. Those born under the sign of the Water Bearer often look to the
future and have fine minds and a higher vision for society. Many Aquarians excel in the areas
of science, technology and politics. At best they use their cool headed idealism to serve
humanity. Negatively, Aquarians can be detached and aloof with a rebellious or fanatical
streak. In medical astrology, Aquarius rules the calves, ankles and general circulation. When
Aquarians are out of balance they can suffer from varicose veins, sprained ankles,
irregularities of the heart action and fluid build-up. The Aquarian colours are turquoise, aqua
and silver. Aquarius’s greatest lesson is to learn to show love towards individuals rather than
just groups.