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By webdev, 26-03-2016

Hi and welcome to the Stella Starwoman August AstroUpdate delivered to you at the Leo New Moon. I‟m just back from an inspiring trip visiting the sacred sites of Britain, travelling along the Michael and Mary energy lines that stretch from the Cornish peninsula right across to Eastern England. It‟s been so good to have a holiday, away from the computer and emails and phone calls and all that techno stuff. I‟m becoming increasingly interested in how the gradual and collective rediscovery of telluric currents, dowsing, ley lines, songlines, feng shui, dragon paths and the healing power of sound seems to be awakening spiritual consciousness in people all over the world. If this is the case, could this global shift in consciousness (based on personal rather than learned experience) pave the way for life after 2012 and lead to real healing for our planet? Our ancestors knew how to harness the power of earth and cosmic energies to heal both themselves and the land they inhabited. It all seems so simple – why can‟t we learn from their wisdom and bring about that reconnection to the land that so many desire?


The Spirit’s In The Land

So bow your head old eucalypt and wattle tree

Australia's bush is losing its identity

While the cities and the parks that they have planned

Look out of place, because the spirit's in the land

(Native Born by Archie Roach)

Just one week after the northern hemisphere summer solstice, I sit in the middle of Stonehenge staring up at the huge megaliths. Our guide is Freddy Silva, a worldwide expert on crop circles, sacred temples and stone circles. Freddy explains that Stonehenge is much older than was previously thought - maybe more than 10,000 years old - and that it was created by a group of tall master-builders who brought their knowledge of temple building over from Egypt. He shows us photos of a fossilised „giant‟ nine feet tall. He talks about the demise of the lost continent of Atlantis in a massive flood in 9700 BC when sea levels rose by 120 metres and how the survivors from Atlantis sailed to Europe, Egypt and Central America and built pyramids and temples encoded with advanced mathematical formulae and sacred geometry, with astrological and astronomical alignments mirroring major constellations and preserving hidden secrets in the landscape and stones. We listen in awe and later in the evening many of the group report flashbacks to past life experiences; golden orbs on their digital photos; pillars of purple and white light stretching skywards or simply feeling grounded, healed and recharged. The same thing happens at Avebury, at Wells Cathedral, at Glastonbury Abbey, at the Cerne Abbas holy well and at the  numerous mountain top churches, holy wells and stone circles we visit on our quest to discover the real secret behind sacred sites. 

Sacred sites have traditionally been regarded as places of power containing subtle energies that alter our state of awareness and act as portals to other dimensions. They appear to have been built on the Earth‟s magnetic nodes – points on the globe where information can be channelled from the land and the stars. In the 1970s, experiments with electronic devices at stone circles, pyramids and temples clearly show how the local electromagnetic field is significantly altered at these sites.

Freddy explains to us that around 2400BC it is believed a change began to take place when across the Earth, these sacred monuments built as direct links to the spirit world came to the attention of a few unscrupulous individuals. At key locations along the Earth‟s magnetic grid, a priestly caste once entrusted with the responsibility of working with subtle energies believed themselves to be more important than the buildings themselves and began to manipulate the energy of the sites unleashing a global chain reaction and paving the way for centralised power. Because these temples were designed as analogs of the Earth, misuse of energy collected at the sites released sympathetic resonances that triggered all kinds of geological and ecological catastrophes across the planet. But the effects were not just physical, they were also biological: for the next 4500 years, humanity experienced a gradual disconnection with the Earth, a loss of intimacy with the invisible spiritual world and a shift towards the material world.

But what exactly is this subtle energy and where does it reside? At the Rollright stone circle in England, geological surveys show how the local magnetic field collects into the circle in a spiral flow. A person standing at the site is literally drawn down a vortex into the Earth‟s energy field. The specific types of stone used at the sites contain high amounts of quartz which is programmable by electromagnetic frequencies. The temples operated as energy storage devices to help humans renew, recharge and reconnect.

In Australia we are incredibly fortunate to have access to the 40,000 year old wisdom of our own indigenous people who have never severed their connection to the spirit world and who understand that the spirit is in the land. A central concept of aboriginal Australian culture is that people and land are one. Bruce Chatwin‟s book „The Songlines‟ describes how language started as song, and how in the Dreamtime, the land was sung into existence. He writes: “And it struck me, that the whole of classical mythology might represent the relics of a gigantic 'song-map': that all the to-ing and fro-ing of gods and goddesses, the caves, temples and sacred springs, the sphinxes and chimaeras, and all the men and women who became nightingales or ravens, echoes or narcissi, stones or stars--could all be interpreted in terms of totemic geography." I‟ll write more on this exciting subject in future editions of AstroUpdate.


Featured Sign-Cancer

From the 22nd June to the 23rd July the Sun travels through cardinal water sign Cancer. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac with keywords “I feel” and “I fluctuate”. Cancer‟s symbol is the crab, an instinctive creature dwelling in the watery depths in the safety of its shell. Cancers are extremely sensitive. They love to mother and nurture others and have a strong attachment to home, family, community and tradition. At best Cancers are in touch with their feelings and display kindness, love and compassion. They are highly emotional, usually love food and have a reputation for taking care of friends, family and workmates. Negatively, the Cancer individual can be moody, dependent, illogical, manipulative and insecure. Cancer rules the stomach, breasts and solar plexus. When Cancers are out of balance they suffer from mood swings, digestive upsets, water retention and breast problems. The Cancer colours are silver and pastel shades and women born under this sign often love antique jewellery and lingerie. Cancer‟s greatest lesson is to live in the present rather than the past and to deal with feelings of fear and insecurity.


Featured Sign - Leo

From the 23rd July to the 23rd August, the Sun travels through fire sign Leo. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac with keywords “I express” and “I stand out”. Leo‟s symbol is the lion, king of the beasts, but also the beast within who must be subdued and civilised. Lions in art and myth are symbols of strength, supremacy, glory and brilliance. Leos are extremely creative and love to show off their talents. They are often attracted to the performing arts or any role where they can shine and lead others. At best they are loving, loyal, affectionate and sincere, displaying willpower, courage, dignity and leadership and radiating confidence. Negatively, Leos can be arrogant, bossy, vain and over- dramatic. Leo rules the heart, circulatory system and spine. When Leos are out of balance they can suffer from back pain, nervous palpitations, high blood pressure, fever, stroke and heart disease. The Leo colours are gold and orange. Leo‟s greatest lesson is to learn that they are not the centre of the universe. The true leader is the servant of all!


Crop Circles

You can tell I‟m excited about extra-terrestrial activity! Who or what could have possibly created these amazing crop circles?


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Jupiter into Taurus (Part One)

Sensuality, Stability & Sustainability

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, entered earth sign Taurus in early June bringing an expanded awareness of the beauty and fragility of life on planet earth. In astrology Jupiter represents our yearning for meaning in life and our desire for expansion and growth. But Jupiter‟s true purpose is to inspire us to embrace a belief system that gives meaning to life. Jupiter will remain in Taurus until the middle of 2012. Here are my predictions.

Honouring Mother Earth

Taurus is traditionally ruled by Venus, goddess of love and beauty, but many astrologers believe the Earth is also ruled by Taurus. With Jupiter in Taurus there will be a collective urge to reconnect with the beauty of our planet and appreciate her many gifts – the cool, moist soil, meadows filled with flowers, towering mountain peaks, crashing waves on ocean beaches, mysterious rainforests, sacred deserts and the animals, insects, birds, trees and plants that share our home. Expect more support for environment and wildlife protection groups, more people spending time outdoors or camping and bushwalking, more focus on growing food at home and more people interested in gardening and nature conservation.

The Joys of Physical Pleasure

An over-reliance on technology coupled with long working hours in artificial environments means that many of us have forgotten the sensual pleasures of living in an animal body, resulting in a decline in health and wellbeing, both physical and emotional. Jupiter in Taurus encourages us to fill our lungs with fresh air, explore our senses and enjoy sunlight, bathing, warmth, love, comfort, sexual pleasure, delicious food and physical exercise. This is good news for cafes and restaurants, health food stores, bed and breakfast owners, the travel and hospitality industry, camping and outdoor stores and the beauty, health and fitness industries.... And even better news for those who take the time to get in touch with their body and embrace the joys of physical pleasure.

The True Value of Money

Economic and financial security takes on even greater importance when the planet of good fortune (Jupiter) travels through the sign of acquisition (Taurus). UBank has taught us that saving is the new spending and my prediction is that saving and investing will become increasingly fashionable over the coming year. We all understand the need to conserve water and food but many people live from paycheck to paycheck or on credit. Understanding that money is simply another form of energy is an important lesson, particularly for those who equate money and wealth with hierarchy, corruption, selfishness or excess.



August Moon Calendar

Launch projects at the New Moon, bring them to completion in the period from just before the Full Moon to the Third Quarter phase and wind them down and reflect on developments in the week before the next New Moon. The period between the New Moon and the Full Moon is the waxing moon (moon getting bigger and fuller). The period between the Full Moon and the New Moon is the waning moon (moon getting smaller and thinner).

You can use this moon table to select the most favourable days to slow or increase hair regrowth. Full instructions can be found in my Lunar Hair Care guidelines at but to get you started I've marked the best dates for waxing/shaving to slow regrowth in yellow and the best dates to cut hair for thicker, lusher growth in green. If you‟re serious about Lunar Hair Care - order your own Moon Calendar from the Stella Starwoman Store then you'll know exactly what time of day the moon changes from one zodiac sign to the next.




Moon Phase
















First Quarter












Full Moon 14th












Third Quarter
















New Moon 29th

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Happy Stargazing
Stella Woods