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By Stella Woods, 01-04-2008


If you’ve visited my website recently, you’ll have seen a big purple ad on the front page “Free Phone Ins”. I held the first of these one-hour teleseminars on the 27th March and 227 people (including dozens of AstroUpdate subscribers) joined me on line or via phone! The topic was Wealth Creation. Here’s what you had to say:

  • Really benefited from listening to the talk & shall be listening to it a few times againvery timely for me right now, going through a bit of a slog and certainly now feel extra motivation to persevere & have some new tools to approach things. Justine
  • Brilliant thank you! Ona & Syd
  • Congratulations Stella, you sounded so natural and were so easy to listen to. Thanks for the info that you gave us. I enjoyed the Secrets and now know where I have been going wrong. Putting things right as from this morning. Took three pages of notes! Nigel
  • The teleseminar was just wonderful. Really enjoyed it, and so far have only signed up for two but will sign up for the whole four of them. Barbara
  • Thank you for your generosity and enthusiasm. I enjoyed listening to you speak and I have already started an action plan to reach one of my goals. I look forward to the next phone-in. Ame

My next call on the Mars Venus Formula – The Seven Secrets of Successful Relationships, is on Thursday 10th April at 7 pm – you are welcome to sign up for this and the other two calls if you haven’t already done so. Feel free to invite your friends to participate.

For more details, go to and follow the links on the home page.


Samhain, the ancient Celtic fire festival, is celebrated by pagans on May Eve. Samhain is the gateway to winter, and a magical time of passage between the seasons. Some call it the Witches New Year! The veil between this world and other dimensions is very thin, and divine beings, the spirits of the dead, and mortals are said to be able to move freely between one world and the next. This of course is our Southern Hemisphere Hallowe’en! Samhain this year occurs close to the balsamic moon phase, a time of death and endings. This is a good time to spend alone, go within and meditate and then literally and metaphorically get rid of dead wood. A backyard bonfire is a great way of doing this. Invite your friends round and ask them to bring something to burn. Discover your inner pyromaniac…


On the 3rd, communication planet Mercury moves into impetuous Aries forming a square to Pluto and then Mars. Watch out for temper tantrums or sudden outbursts. The April new moon on the 6th is also in Aries, so fire signs can look forward to a month of productive activity.

A series of grand trines from the 11th to the end of April promise flow, ease and relaxation – a welcome release after the tension earlier in the year.

The April full moon is in early Scorpio on the 20th while the Sun moves into practical, selfindulgent Taurus on the same day. Watch out for sudden attraction on the 24th as Venus, Mars and Jupiter go head to head in a T square formation.

Finally on the last day of April, sensuous Venus heads into Taurus, one of her two home signs. May promises to be a feast of the senses so make sure you activate your inner god/goddess….


From the 20th March to the 20th April, the Sun travels through masculine fire sign Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the seed, the new beginning, the hero. Its keywords are “I am” and “I initiate”. The symbol for Aries is the ram who rushes fearlessly into new situations, heedless of danger with no consideration for others. Arians are true individuals, keen to build their own personality and ego. The typical Arian is independent and adventurous, displaying strength, boldness, initiative and courage. Negatively they can be angry, headstrong, selfish, domineering and arrogant. Arians need to learn how to cooperate with others, complete projects they have started and conserve their energy. If you want to annoy an Aries, boss them around or tell them to calm down! Each zodiac sign rules a part of the body. For Aries this is the head. When Arians are out of balance they often suffer from headaches, migraines and injuries to the head. And the Aries colour is red. When we get angry we talk about ‘seeing red’.

How do you handle an Aries? Give them their ‘head.’ Send them on a quest. Wear them out! As long as there’s a challenge or adrenalin involved you can easily manipulate these simple souls (but don’t tell them that’s what you’re up to….)


For the past five years, I’ve been the guest on an astrology talkback segment on Melbourne’s 3RRR radio station. If you’re in Greater Melbourne, it’s easy to tune in and the program is also available on streaming audio via the 3RRR website (but only while the show is being broadcast). I start with a brief run down of what’s happening in the stars, and then the lines open for talkback callers asking questions about astrology and how it affects their lives. You are welcome to call in on (03) 9388 1027 for a free reading.

Upcoming shows: Wednesday 2nd April; 16th April & 30th April (9-10 am) Midweek Crisis - Melbourne’s 3RRR 102.7 FM - hosted by Kealy Smith