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Inner Goddess Report - Discover Your Inner Mystery & Hidden Potential

“I think the Goddess Report is brilliant. It serves to take a chart reading to a much deeper level than the conventional delineation of planets. It confirmed things for me, that I know about myself, but couldn’t explain through planetary positions and aspects alone.” 

Elizabeth MacGregor

Discover your Inner Mystery and Hidden Potential... Unleash the power of the Sacred Feminine.....

Goddess culture flourished in the prehistoric period when magical consciousness prevailed, supernatural forces were deified and nature was revered. As rational consciousness developed, the wisdom of the goddess became buried beneath the constructs of a scientific knowledge that erased the mysteries from life and excluded the magical processes.

Since the discovery of the asteroids in the early 19th century, the wisdom of the goddess is once again available to us all. Goddess consciousness revels in the wisdom of cycles, the intelligence of the inner life, the sanctity of divination, the mystery of healing and the necessity for sacrifice and ritual.

The Inner Goddess Report takes an in depth look at the placement of twelve asteroid goddesses in your horoscope, bringing their wisdom and guidance to consciousness and helping you access the power of the sacred feminine. These twelve goddesses preside over the three spheres of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld.

Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno and Vesta are the goddesses of heaven who oversee the important initiations and transitions of the life cycle.

Hygieia, Cassandra, Hecate and Medea are the goddesses of the underworld. They are powerfully insightful and understand the deep waters of the unconscious, the complexity of feelings, the power of mystery and magic and the uncertainty of life.

Finally the Earth goddesses, Ariadne, Europe, Pandora and Mnemosyne symbolise our worldly concerns and attitudes.


45-page illustrated electronic report via email with information on:

  • The Mythology of The Twelve Asteroid Goddesses
    • Ceres - The Earth Mother 
    • Pallas Athene - The Wisdom of the Warrior 
    • Juno - Socialising the Soul 
    • Vesta - The Inner Life 
    • Hygieia - The Soul of Health 
    • Ariadne - The Labyrinth of the Soul 
    • Europa - The Soul of the Earth
    • Pandora - A Gift of Hope 
    • Mnemosyne - The Soul of Memory 
    • Hecate - The Soul in Transition 
    • Cassandra - The Prophetic Soul 
    • Medea - Herbalist and Healer 
  • How these Goddess Archetypes play out in Your Life
  • Reconnecting with the Sacred Feminine
  • Sign & House Placement of each Goddess in Your Birth Chart

Click here for a sample Inner Goddess Report for recording artist, Rihanna.

The Inner Goddess Report is part of the popular Solar Writer range. The text has been written by astrologers Stephanie Johnson & Brian Clark with illustrations by artist Kay Steventon.

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