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Health & Wellbeing Report - Boost Your Self Esteem & Vitality

"To keep the body in good health is a duty, for otherwise we shall not be able to trim the lamp of wisdom and keep our mind strong and clear."  


In ancient cultures such as India, China and Egypt, astrology played a very important role in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.  In Europe, medical astrology flourished during the late medieval and early modern periods (1450-1700) with much of European medicine being based on teachings from the Arab world. 

 The Health & Wellbeing Report offers a picture of the astrological indicators in the horoscope that impact on your health.  Are you a fiery type, prone to outbursts of anger, fevers, rashes and high blood pressure?  Or perhaps your constitution is more sluggish and you suffer from weight gain or poor circulation?  And what's the best way to keep fit and healthy? Are you better off going on a 10 km run, lifting weights or practising yoga in a relaxing environment?  

The Health & Wellbeing Report offers tips on diet, exercise and healing modalities tailored to your unique astrological 'constitution'.  Armed with this knowledge you will be able to bring your body into balance, boost your self-esteem and feel great.


24-page electronic report via email with full colour illustrations & personalised advice on:

  • Best Types of Physical Exercise
  • Best Diet & Nutritional Supplements
  • What Foods to Avoid 
  • Your General Temperament
  • Your Emotional Health, Spiritual Essence & Life Force
  • Your Physical Body & Energy Levels
  • Your Strengths and Sensitivities
  • Leading a Balanced Life & Eliminating Stress

Click here for a sample Health & Wellbeing Report for Rafael Nadal

The Health & Wellbeing Report is part of the popular Solar Writer range. The text has been written by astrologer Michele Finey with illustrations by artist Kay Steventon.


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