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Astrocartography - Multiple Locations Reading


Anyone who's travelled overseas will have experienced that feeling of being a different person in a  different place. Perhaps you feel alive in France and Italy, love the laid-back lifestyle of South East Asia or thrill to the pace of New York or Tokyo.  But it's not the same experience for everyone. 

Astrocartography (sometimes called Relocation Astrology or Astro-Mapping) is a useful tool for those planning to live, work or move permanently to a different country or city.  By placing your birth chart on a map of the world or zooming in on a particular country, an astrologer can determine your likely experience in that location.  Astrocartography can also be used to find which countries and cities favour love; which are good for earning money or giving your career a boost and where creativity might flourish.

If you fancy moving to a completely new location or have a specific part of your life you want to improve, (e.g. finding love, following your spiritual path or improving your financial situation) an Astrocartography session will point you in the right direction!

Please contact Stella at with your time, date and place of birth and individual requirements before booking your session.

Astrocartography Multiple Locations - 2 hours research + 1 hour Zoom session to discuss which areas of the world would suit you best based on your birth chart and personal goals - $325

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