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Discover The Secrets of Lunar Planning (Video)

Ever wondered how to use the monthly moon cycle (new moon, full moon, waxing moon, waning moon) to acheive emotional balance and get the most out of life? 

In this presentation The Secrets of Lunar Planning, astrologer, Stella Woods, reveals all!

How tapping into moon phases helps with everything from knowing the best time to plant your lettuces, visit the hairdresser, shave your legs, launch your business or decorate the bedroom.  Or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect wedding date or a better understanding of your flatmate/son/boss?

Astrology doesn’t need to be complicated and sometimes the simplest things work best – in this case simply understanding the significance of moon phases and moon signs and how to make them work for you!  Stella’s lively and entertaining presentation offers easy-to-follow, practical tips for a hassle free existence and will have you rushing out to buy your own moon calendar.


  • Why your moon sign holds the key to inner harmony and balance
  • How to improve your relationships and understand others better
  • The best times to cut your hair or wax your legs or do just about anything!
  • The secrets of planting and gardening by the moon
  • How lunar fertility can improve your chances of conception
  • Why you should never get married on a balsamic moon….


The Secrets of Lunar Planning is an MP4 video file which you can download to your computer or device. It can be viewed on PCs using Windows Media Player or on Macs using the free VLC multimedia player for Mac operating systems which can be downloaded hereTotal file size: 235 MB  Duration:  55 minutes

The Secrets of Lunar Planning was recorded by Linda Marson of Global Spiritual Studies


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