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Tarot Correspondence Course

This introductory Tarot Correspondence Course from tarot master Paul Fenton-Smith includes everything you will need to begin your journey of self discovery into the magical art of tarot reading. 

Suitable for beginners or those wishing to brush up their knowledge, the course provides the perfect solution for those unable to attend a tarot course in person or who prefer learning at their own pace from the comfort of home. 


- Paul Fenton Smith's book 'The Tarot Revealed'.

- A Rider Waite tarot deck, including a blank card.

- 'Discover the Tarot'  DVD, which demonstrates the tarot reading process.

- Workbook with 19 lessons and 8 self assessments to help you to monitor your progress.

- Six A4 laminated colour tarot posters to help you to master the cards including a 'Cards for Health' poster showing the cards that relate to each part of the body.

- Email follow up with Paul Fenton-Smith (30 minutes of questions), should you encounter any hurdles. 
The course takes you step by step through each card, giving the upright and reversed meanings.  You will learn how to give a tarot reading using different kinds of tarot spread including:

Karma Reading 
Seven Card Layout for general readings and for specific Yes / No questions 
Simple One Card Cut 
Spiritual Direction layout

The course also include tips on becoming a tarot reader and how to effectively make the transition from beginner to professional.  Based on Paul's 25 years experience studying and teaching the tarot, this simple, practical course removes the mystery from tarot reading and will inspire you to become the best reader you can be.
The Tarot Correspondence Course allows you to study tarot at your own pace using the DVD as a refresher, should you decide to take an extended break from your studies. The DVD offers a simple overview of tarot reading and includes tips for psychic cleansing between readings.