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Astrology Correspondence Course - Individual Modules

Learn astrology from the comfort of your own home with this excellent and comprehensive correspondence course from Astro*Synthesis

Eight Different Modules x $195 each (including postage to Australia or New Zealand).

OR  Purchase all eight modules for $1250 (saving of $310! - includes postage to Australia or New Zealand)

The course includes eight modules as follows:

  • THE WHEEL OF LIFE: Elements and Signs of the Zodiac
  • ENERGIES OF LIFE: Understanding the Planetary Archetypes
  • ASPECTS OF LIFE: The Twelve Houses and Aspects of the Horoscope
  • CONSIDERING THE HOROSCOPE: Astrological Analysis
  • LIFE PARTNERS: Family Dynamics and Relationship Patterns
  • CYCLES OF LIFE: Planetary Returns, Transits and Eclipses
  • LIFE SKILLS: Resources in the Horoscope
  • TIMES OF LIFE: Future Trends and Progressing the Horoscope

Click here for detailed syllabus for all modules

Each module consists of:

  • 10 CDs, specially recorded for the correspondence course,
  • Workbook with detailed notes, two Astro*Synthesis student booklets & supplementary reading,
  • a recommended reading list,
  • exercises to help consolidate your learning


The material in each module has been specially recorded for the correspondence course unlike other courses which use classroom recordings. 

The approach is humanistic and therefore this theme, along with psychology and mythology, is interwoven throughout the course.


It is recommended that you spend at least three months on each of the eight units; but the most important thing is to work at a pace that suits you.  Most students devote 4-6 hours per week to study which includes listening to the class, taking notes, doing the exercises, supplementary reading plus your own self study and extra reading.

The course has been developed by Brian Clark from Astro*Synthesis. Brian is one of Australia's top astrological educators, a published author, international lecturer and mythology expert.  He has been teaching astrology for over 20 years.