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By Stella Woods, 01-01-2010

The Chinese Year of the Metal Tiger begins on the 14th February at the Aquarian new moon. Those born in 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986 and 1998 are all born in the year of the Tiger.

The Tiger is a lively and charismatic creature known for his willingness to fight and his amazing courage. The Chinese say that having a Tiger in the house provides excellent protection against fires and burglary. Tigers are not motivated primarily by power or money, but they do enjoy praise and approval. Charming and energetic, Tigers are usually very popular and used to getting their own way, but if a Tiger feels like a failure, they can seek into deep depression.

Tigers are incredibly competitive - they simply cannot pass up a challenge, especially when honour is at stake, or they are protecting those they love. Natural leaders, Tigers also have a strong sense of their own importance and if they are ordered around, can be stubborn and obstinate. Tigers are generally intelligent, alert, and farsighted. As long as they do not risk their luck too often, and keep their restless nature under control, their tactics usually pay off in life.

2010 will be a year when Tigers can really shine, both personally and professionally and overcome any recent setbacks or obstacles. For the rest of us, the Year of the Tiger accentuates any tendency towards rebellion and confrontation. The Tiger is the third of the twelve animal signs of the Chinese zodiac.