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Chinese New Year - The Green Sheep

The Chinese Year of the Green Sheep begins on the 19th February at the late Aquarius new moon.  What does this mean for you?Read more


Sacred Earth Energies - Rebirthing the Winged Serpent

Today the lines of the winged serpent run unmarked across the world, their paths forgotten, the spirit they bear disregarded. Yet every year more people are drawn to visit ancient sites, centres of an invisible pattern woven across the world in some distant age.Read more


Zodiac Seduction

Even if you're a complete sceptic, everyone needs a little help when it comes to love, romance and the rest!  

Find out exactly how to attract and enchant that special someone using the art of astrology...Read more


Stop Press ... No More 3RRR

I’m sad to say that after a wonderful seven-year stint, my astrology talkback segment on radio 3RRR is no longer. The program presenter of Wax Lyrical has decided to wind up my segment to focus on other issues and guests.Read more

2016 Astrological Calendar - & Moon Planting Guide

This popular Astrological Calendar & Moon Planting Guide from Thomas Zimmer is (in my view) the best available in Australia. I have mine about one metre away from my desk and refer to it constantly.  In marketing speak, this calendar is a 'must have'.

The attractive full colour wall chart (74 cm x 60 cm) lists daily sun and moon placements by zodiac sign, along with the dates and astrological coordinates of new moons, full moons and eclipses.

Thomas also presents an astrological/political overview for the year ahead and offers information on planting and gardening by the moon. He explains clearly how to get the most out your moon calendar by organising daily activities acccording to the sign and phase of the moon and the rise and fall of the seasons. 

I use my moon calendar to choose the best dates to start my courses, launch new products, hold a party or working bee or simply stay at home and meditate or relax.  You can also use the calendar to plan new and full moon rituals.

In our busy, crazy, 24/7 world this calendar will help you find a whole new sense of emotional and physical balance. Once you've tapped into lunar wisdom and cycles, life becomes easy, flowing and stress free!

The times listed on the calendar are for Australian East Coast times (Melbourne, Sydney etc) with automatic adjustments for daylight savings. However, the calendar can be used in anywhere in the world.  Simply add or subtract the appropriate number of hours for your time zone.


Thomas Zimmer is not only an amazing astrologer, he is quite remarkable in that he has no telephone, no fax machine, no website and no email address! Thomas lives in an old farmhouse bordering the World Heritage listed Tweed Valley in the very bosom of Mother Nature complete with veggie garden, stream, solar power etc etc. So, by purchasing one of Thomas’s calendars, not only are you supporting a visionary Australian, but you’re also buying a year’s supply of moon wisdom from a pure source.

Price: $15.95

Receive interesting, up to date information each month, special offers PLUS a full colour copy of your birth chart with a 20-page astrology report worth $50 ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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Predictions for 2015 - A Year of Authenticity & Healing

It’s impossible to sum up an entire year of astrological energies in a few lines, so I’m going to focus on three of the most important astrological events of 2015, a year of authenticity and healing.Read more

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Camino de Santiago - Walking the Milky Way

In 2013 I fulfilled a long held dream and walked the 800 km Camino de Santiago from the French Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain. Pilgrims have been travelling the road to Santiago for over a thousand years but I was more interested in the idea that the Camino followed the path of the Milky Way past Santiago towards Cape Finisterre, the most westerly point on mainland Spain and a place revered by the Celts who built a solar altar there to worship the setting sun.Read more

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Anubis Visits the Gold Coast - The Magic of Time Travel

As an astrologer, I’ve always loved the idea of astral travel, altered states of consciousness and all things magical. I’d like to share with you this inspirational, real life story about a boy named Sam from the Gold Coast and his friend and spirit guide, the Egyptian god, Anubis.  Read more

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The Sacred Number Three - Secret of Creation

Those who have visited Sicily or have an interest in Italian culture and history may be familiar with the three legged motif, triskelion or trinacria associated with this triangular shaped island in the Mediterranean. This same three-legged symbol can also be found in Brittany in France and the Isle of Man in Britain. In fact, the sacred geometry of the number three can be found throughout Europe and beyond.Read more

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