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2016 Moon Calendars & Diaries

This popular Astrological Calendar & Moon Planting Guide from
Thomas Zimmer - an
 attractive full colour wall chart (74 cm x 60 cm) 
lists daily sun and moon placements by zodiac sign, along with
the dates and astrological coordinates of new moons, full moons
and eclipses.

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Tarot Workshop - Spreads for
Every Occasion (15th & 22nd May)

Looking to expand and improve your Tarot Reading skills?  Why not 
come along to my Tarot Spreads Workshop ( Sunday 15th & 22nd May) 
where we'll check out a variety of spreads, both simple and complex 
using real life situations. My aim is to give you the confidence and
the tools to take your Tarot Reading to the next level - whatever that
means for you! 

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Solar Writer Astrology Reports

While there's really nothing like a personal one-on-one
session, these illustrated Solar Writer reports are fun,
quick and very reasonably priced. All you need is your
time, date and place of birth. They make great presents
for friends and family and if you're ordering one for yourself,
you'll uncover all sorts of interesting information!    

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Hi, my name’s Stella Woods — I’m a Sagittarian and live in the stunning beachside suburb of St Kilda, Melbourne Australia.

I’ve been a professional astrologer for the past 25 years and have been teaching astrology and tarot since 1999. I’m absolutely passionate about these subjects and love to use my knowledge to help people improve their lives.

Some of you may have heard me on talkback radio, had a reading with me, read my book, done one of my courses or read my columns in LivingNow magazine. For those of you who don't know me, welcome to my website!

Happy Stargazing!

Stella Woods

PS I'm always interested to hear from clients, readers, listeners, students and from those people I've never met. If you'd like to see something on the site, just drop me a line via the CONTACT page. I'd love to hear your views and feedback.

PPS I'm often asked if Stella is my real name as it means 'star' — constellation, stellar, stellium etc. The answer is 'Yes'. My mother thought Woods was a rather boring surname and wanted something a bit exotic. Thanks Nancy!

PPPS My mother doesn't believe in astrology....